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  1. Hello, Hmm, I remember that bug. It is possible that when I was adding some materials to the forge, some may have gone over the limit, it showed 30k of course but I think I had some more iron still smelted in addition as I didn't notice in time that I had reached the max. I removed the 420 UI mods you mentioned and added Khaine's modlets from the Mods forum here. Thanks for the info on type error message, I will look for that in mods. I removed for now the decoration and furniture assets, will wait until they're officially updated for A19, just to be sure. Thanks for your assistance Beelzybub.
  2. Hello, Thanks for the reply. I did check the mods, the vehicle ones affect different details, for example Bdub's one affects only the custom ones added by his mod (and I use the A19 compatible version he released) and the other one affects only the vanilla vehicles, adding to them little bit more torque and increasing mileage and speed a bit. They should not affect each other but I will just in case check them out to be sure (for now I removed the Harry's mod and left only BDub's one). The A18 one (which has A18 in it's name) is an XML mod which affects the mod slots of items, basically one line change which adds mod slots based on item tier. Affects nothing else and is working normally so far, I've checked the file and line (in vanilla "items.xml") it affects and these are correct, so it shouldn't affect the game itself. Checking couple others from A18 time seem to be also OK, at least when I look at the default config files and compare what the mods affect then these match up, basically just a small change to existing default values. Thanks for the 420 note, I did remove those and replaced with the mods from these forums, from Khaine's collection. I do have some crafting related mods which add decoration items from the game (no new assets, simply use the ones in game and make them available for use), make them craftable. These worked in A18 and so far seemed to work also normally in A19, but just in case I'll remove them as they're not specifically A19 versions (though mod authors said that they should "most likely" work normally in A19 as well).
  3. Hello, In short, played with a friend on 13.09 and we had no issues for practically the whole game session, when close to the end console popped open to me with an error message, see the uploaded file "One_error_13092020.txt". There were no other errors neither did this error happen again, was just one instance. We played for a while more without any issues, even that error didn't seem to make any difference at all. We shot few more zombies, cleared out couple more POI's and in the end both logged out in our base in a normal way, without any issues. Today (14.09) I started the game again and appeared in our base, a gas station POI I've re-built into a cozy home base. My char was in a sneaking position which was not how I left him when I logged out previously but I figured, no difference. Suddenly open pops the console and it's giving an error about problems with loading player data, not able to restore backup, etc (see attached log file). Game itself was still running, I was still inside my base, char was lvl 58 and all. So I open inventory and then char equipment page, where armor is displayed when console pops open again, whole window full of continuous error messages, cannot close the console anymore and on screen I only see the char armor pane, just the char model and nothing else, like rest of UI is gone. Game was completely frozen and I was able to leave it - short of killing the task I guess - with the "shutdown" command in console. I load the game again and suddenly my char is lvl 1, starter quest pops on screen, my char is completely fresh. All map markers are gone, but I do see on radar my claim box icon and my bed icon. It also is midnight of day 11 by game time. So I head towards my base, dodging zombies as I am suddenly lvl 1 with nothing to my name or on my back and when I get to the base, some more errors about "reading stream data" issues and what not pop open in console and when I get to the base, it's a total mess. Seems like half of the POI has re-spawned and half of my base is still there, so it's now kind of a mix-up between what I built and what was there before. Claim icon is still shown on map but there's no claim box. My bed was some ways away, in my horde night base (I keep my beds in horde base, don't want to re-spawn in my house during horde night if I get smacked, harder to run back plus horde would demolish my house) so I go and check it out and I see that this place is completely OK, just as I left it. So it seems that somehow my base "blew up", or my char data got "blown up" and took my base with it. In any case, my char is totally reset to lvl 1, half of my base is destroyed because POI respawned within it (and sadly that half which had all my storage boxes with all the gear and resources and meds/food/drink). I didn't even make any backup's previously because didn't seem like I needed it. So I wonder if there's any way for me to restore my char and my base and why this happened, or is it all gone and have to restart from scratch? EDIT: I did try that suggested method in one of the pinned topics about char restoration but that didn't help, seems that even in bak file I already had lvl 1 char left... Map is Nitrogen generated 6k x 6k in size. Only mod which adds new assets to the game is BDub's vehicle mod, rest of the mods are just small XML mods (mainly "quality of life" type mods). Couple of mods are building mods, basically these make some in-game decoration assets available for crafting and using in player buildings (no idea why FP didn't make those decorations available to the community since get-go, people love to decorate their places). EDIT 2: added image just to show what's left of the "base". The area inside the red square is gone now, replaced by default POI. My char was camped out in that red area, as well as my friend's char. One_error_13092020.txt output_log__2020-09-14__11-09-18.txt EDIT 3: Just to clarify, I've tried several "restore" options from various topics and none worked. Which is fine, I guess I cannot restore my char and my base again. So I'll rebuild the base, re-collect all the stuff and re-level the char. But I wonder what happened there, if anyone can deduct, so that I could avoid it in future. Can I even play on that map anymore or should I create a new map? Don't want my chars or bases get "blown up" at some other point
  4. Hello, I did the wipe as was suggested in this thread and also on the banner, as I mentioned I wasn't aware of that recommendation since I simply played the game as it updated Started to check the forum and details when I couldn't get the boot out of my char's face.. And it seems that this wipe did help, no more boot in face and no more error messages in Level/Prefab Editor mode. Thank you for your assistance.
  5. Hello, I will need to look where the game logs are, then I can check them too. As for A16, funny thing is, I've never played A16, I installed the game and started playing it in A17. As for world data wipe then no, didn't do that since I didn't know about it, I played the game as it updated in Steam, did that wipe now and will see if that changed anything. Thanks for the response.
  6. Hello, This issue started with A19, never happened before. First thing is that on my char screen in Level/Prefab Editor mode he has a hazmat boot on face. Literally, in face slot. And I cannot remove it, when I try to remove it, console pops open with message: NullRefereceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Boot does appear in my inventory but also remains on char's face as well. Also, following lines regularly spam in console: No ItemClass entry for type 10496 No ItemClass entry for type 48390 No ItemClass entry for type 33753 Note that this is without any mods, with vanilla config files and I've also done the file verification in Steam and all files were up-to-date. Also I noticed this message in console (opened by pressing F1) which did not occur prior to A19: WRN Loaded world file from different version: 'Alpha16 (b15)' Technically it doesn't affect things, I can still build pre-fabs or edit them and so on, but this weird error and "boot in face" situation is annoying. I played first A19 experimental and then A19.180 stable when it was out, however I get no such issues or messages when I am actually in the game, everything works normally there. It's only the Level/Prefab editor which does this. Does anyone have any idea what's going on?
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