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  1. Hi. Thanks for your kind wish. I'm doing well and happy about new job. Hope you are doing well too. About your question, I know it's late to answer you but it might help others too. Those yellow console warnings are normal, because invulnerable blocks works like when you destroy one of them it downgrades to itself, it is like reincarnation. The thing is game thinks it is not intended and caused by an error, so it warns us, since we do that intentionally you should just ignore the warnings. There is no other way as functional as this way. You can use bedrock
  2. Guys I got a new job and preparing to move my home so I would like to inform you; I won't be able to help or support you or update my mods until I have everything sorted out in a new city and a new job. See you in a while (probably 3-4 weeks). Stay safe!
  3. New content is here; added special bike, it quickly became my 2nd favorite item in the mod after special beer. Turret is meh, probably least favorite item in mod, still I'm happy with it because I didn't want it to do all the killing job by itself, so it barely hits enemies as intended
  4. 6.0.0 is here, added to first post. Why updating again so early? Special forge and workbench caused a bug in 5.0.0 because xui file was missing. It was blocking other xui windows therefore it was impossible to interact with anything after interacting them, this was until you quit from game and re-enter (so it wasn't a game breaking bug, but still urgent). Sorry for inconveniences caused if any, please just update to 6.0.0 as quickly as you can. After updating modlet, no need to do anything else, existing stations will work without any problems.
  5. Hello, thank you for your interest in mod. First upgrade those blocks you want to destroy. Upgrading invulnerable blocks will make them destructible. To upgrade, right click on the block and wait it to be %100 percent, then you can destroy
  6. Looks like I can't edit first post to attach new file, so here it is. LATEST CHANGES (from 4.0.0 to 5.0.0) Fixed recipe of special trader. Fixed/added recipe for special machete. Improved text/code of special drink beer, created new buff for it. Added special forge and workbench. Added invulnerable steel door (simplistic alternative to vault door). special_things_by_hsngrms-500.zip
  7. @Eko Unfortunately you can't take back these blocks to your inventory but good news I just realized actually there is easier way to achieve what you want, I don't know why I didn't think that before. Open blocks.xml and delete all lines about "downgrade", e.g.; <property name="DowngradeBlock" value="THIS_NAME_DOESNT_MATTER_DELETE_ALL_LINE"/> This way it will prevent blocks downgrading to themselves again, which will make them literally vulnerable again. So, no need to edit recipes.xml but you can still do that too if you don't want others to craft blo
  8. @Eko If this is the case you can prevent other players crafting them, yet you can still continue doing it. Here a quote from myself, originally I shared this somewhere else; Alongside above change you should use Stainless Steel Again mod, so your players can craft all these blocks as vulnerable.
  9. Hi @Eko thank you for the comment. Frankly these blocks are not really extra but they are special clones of carefully selected blocks from Stainless Steel and Bulletproof Glass blocks. Stainless Steel: Devs decided to throw out them but actually they are still exist in game. https://7daystodie.gamepedia.com/Stainless_Steel_Blocks Bulletproof Glass: They are in base game and you can directly craft with forge. https://7daystodie.gamepedia.com/Bulletproof_Glass So, Bulletproof Glass is out of the scope of your question since you can craft
  10. Thank you @CrypticGirl, I didn't pay attention to this detail while creating the recipe 😕 to be honest I'm a bit weak at crafting side myself.. Thanks to you now I know I have to change this in the next release. If you have any other feedback I can assure you it will be well appreciated. Thanks again. --- Speaking of that; here the full list of crafting mats for current version, to craft Special Trader you need all below;
  11. Google Drive mirror of latest version (currently 7.0.0) Adds invulnerable bulletproof glass and stainless steel and more specialized blocks Adds new materials; invulnerable glass and invulnerable steel (could used bedrock but i had some poor exp with it earlier) Adds new glass blocks all invulnerable; cube, plate, ramp, pillar50 Adds new steel blocks all invulnerable; cube, half, plate, ramp, stairs, stairs with railings, pyramid, pillar, pillar cap, pillar50, bars, ladder, log spike (trap) Adds new special blocks all invulnerable; garage door 5x3x1,
  12. Hello there! Your mod gave me the idea of creating my own trader. Nothing copied from your files but I still want to tell you this because, there wasn't anything in my mind before I see your mod. I got the idea I can copy a trader to convert her/him to whatever I want. In this case I kept Jen as trader for my invulnerable base (also changed what she sells etc. which took a lot of time to figure out). Anyway, many thanks for your inspirational work!
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