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  1. I never played with war3zuk but once I watched a stream when someone playing its overhaul. It is a massive mod, thus I assume the lag is unavoidable even without my mod. Oh! I hate wasteland. OK it is rewarding but I don't like when my Special Bicycle stumbles upon a scrap iron every few meters. 😏 So, good luck there. Now that makes some sense LOL I should've asked if you are using other mods... Sorry! Like I just wrote above, I never played war3zuk, but in earlier versions my mod had problems when used with some other overhauls. Overhauls mods are changing too many things and making the mods designed for vanilla game mostly incompatible. So, you should always consider an overhaul mod as being not compatible with other modlets. Of course there will be exceptions, some mods will perfectly work fine along with overhauls. But my mod is not something consisting from just 3 lines... and all my special items depends on vanilla. Therefore it is the perfect victim of overhauls. 🙂
  2. Thanks @HYper and glad you think alike. Actually what you said gave me an idea about making more zombie spawns but one thing about 7dtd is driving me off of this idea, which is more zombies = lower performance, thus IDK yet if i add such modlet or not. We'll see. (Frankly, I just don't want users telling me their server/game performance decreased after installing my modlets. I intend to keep it lightweight.)
  3. Yea, you might call special items OP, however, I prefer to call them QoL items. I know such items are not very welcomed by hardcore players because these are making the game easier. But that doesn't change the fact my aim was never making a mod that suitable for everyone. My aim is 1. Bringing a fun gameplay for casual players where you can both have fun and get scared time to time. 2. Providing powerful options to server admins, so they can create their own outpost, trading hub, zombie version of jurassic park etc. without worrying about its vulnerability. If someone new to the game and genre plays 7dtd with my mod, at least they can survive more than 5 mins and learn mechanics while enjoying a great crafting survival game which is not looking like minecraft. Also, I put both vanilla and specials in my toolbelt, I make my bases half normal half invulnerable, with doing so I enjoy the toughness of vanilla game but at the same time I still feel relaxed. E.g. at horde night I can die or side walls of my base can collapse but, knowing the precious resources I collected for hours will still be safe in their invulnerable boxes is enough for me enjoy the game without any stress. (Though there is always a risk of collapse unless you dig down to the bedrock and that's enough of a fear to my taste. )
  4. Thank you so much for the kind comment. Everything started with modifying admin weapons (I was like "why MP5 is a admin digger, why not the nailgun"), then I wanted invulnerable blocks and the rest came in time. A simple modlet evolved into what it is today. That's true it is not as big as overhaul mods but, it is still big for me, I never imagined I'd do that, never imagined I'd spend many hours for this modlet. If you are not getting any red error message from console while using my mod, everything should be working as expected. Even the logs won't be any help because you don't get any error, right? I think you would told me already if you were getting red error msg. So, based on this, I have a final set of proposals. Please do exactly as I say in spoiler above and do it step by step. Thanks for your cooperation. I'm looking forward to hear your feedback! (Took more than 10 minutes to write this message LOL)
  5. That's nice, glad you solved the issue Enjoy the mod and game 👍 and please consider taking your time to share your thoughts after playing for a while. Thanks you.
  6. Hello @noname835 Thanks for the feedback. I didn't have such problem when I tested it but I'll surely look into it again. Please share what error you get. You can also share logs from game folder. Edit: I tried 3 times again. Loaded old save, created new game 2 times. No problem so far. That wall is made from invulnerable steel and glass blocks:
  7. Guys and Gals, Welcome to the 2022! Wishing Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone! I just made big change on mod structure. Also added some little QoL and fun extras. Now this is not a modlet that includes everything, it is a compilation of 18 modlets. Check below descriptions to learn what's included in them. If anything doesn't suit your taste, just delete its folder from ~/Mods folder. If you want what you deleted back, just open the archive and put it back into ~/Mods folder. For the sake of simplicity old descriptions removed but changelogs preserved. Therefore you have to try all these special things yourself to see what's so special about them if you are new here and didn't have chance to try earlier. special_things_00_basics ### Mandatory to have. Never delete this folder unless you want complete uninstall. ### • Special Forge and Workbench • Invulnerable materials • Special Stone Axe special_things_01_extras ### Extra tools that I didn't want in basics. ### • Special Claw Hammer and Nailgun • Special Paint Tool special_things_02_apparel ### Very useful apparel. ### • Special Cigar and Shades • Special Mining Helmet • Special Rocket Shoes and Rocket Boots special_things_03_consumables ### Very useful drink, food and meds. ### • Special Beer • Special Hunter and Farmer Stew • Special Painkiller special_things_04_melee_b ### You can have candles made of zeds or charge your phone over zeds. ### • Special Torch* and Flashlight • Special Fireaxe and Javelin *Known bug: you can't power attack with Special Torch in 3rd person view. (3rd person view is only available via Debug Mode) special_things_05_ranged_b ### Silent. Useful. Long ranged. ### • Special Bow and Crossbow • Special Arrow and Crossbow Bolt • Special Junk Turret special_things_06_blocks_b ### Nothing can destroy these unless you want it happen so. ### • Invulnerable Steel Shapes • Invulnerable Glass Block, Ramp, Plate and Pillar • Invulnerable Storage Box special_things_07_blocks_e ### Indestructible housing blocks. Mannequin is a training dummy. ### • Invulnerable House Door and Vault Door • Invulnerable Cellar Hatch and Vault Hatch • Invulnerable Garage Doors and Draw Bridge • Invulnerable Female Mannequin special_things_08_bicycle ### Fast speed. High resistance. 90 slots. ### • Special Bicycle special_things_09_trader ### She sells what's most required. Always open. Refreshing stock everyday. ### • Special Trader special_things_10_melee_e ### More melee weapons including those added earlier upon request. ### • Special Machete and Knuckles • Special Club and Sledgehammer • Special Spear special_things_11_ranged_e ### More ranged weapons, firearms to be exact. ### • Special Double Barrel Shotgun, Pump Shotgun and Auto Shotgun • Special .44 Magnum Revolver, Desert Vulture and Pistol • Special SMG5, AK-47, Tactical AR and M60 • Special Hunting Rifle, Lever Action Rifle and Sniper Rifle • Special Shotgun Slug, .44 Magnum, 9mm, 7.62mm Bullets and Bundles special_things_12_armor ### Special Tank Top removed. Nothing else here yet. ### special_things_13_ui ### special_things_00_basics is not required for that to work. ### ### UI modifications. ### • Shows HP and name of entity • Adds center mark to compass, color is aqua special_things_14_hand ### special_things_00_basics is not required for that to work. ### ### Improves player hand and makes brawling a competitive build. ### • Increases player hand's speed and damage special_things_15_stack ### special_things_00_basics is not required for that to work. ### ### Increases some stack quantities to 50K. ### • Resources, foods, drinks, medicals, drugs, ammo and others special_things_16_7x24 ### special_things_00_basics is not required for that to work. ### ### Change of working hours for all traders. ### • Now traders are working tirelessly, 7x24 special_things_99_nsfw ### special_things_00_basics is not required for that to work. ### ### Do not read beyond this point if you are not an adult. ### • Removes top from female torso (makes topless) • Removes shorts from female legs (a panty will still be there) DOWNLOAD
  8. I believe forged invulnerable steel should be on your inventory not on toolbelt in order to upgrade. I'll test after I publish latest version of the mod. However, if there is a such thing, it could be because of native issue. Anyway, we will see soon. BTW, please fix your message. It is unnecessarily long because of repeats.
  9. Hi @suto2200 Sorry that description is a bit old but mostly still valid, you don't need main cube, you need forged ingot. So, if you are using latest version you need forged invulnerable steel in your inventory. If you still have a spare in your inventory after the repair, there shouldn't be any problem upgrading a block. After the upgrade it will look like normal steel and become destructible. When it is still looking like stainless steel, you can't destroy them. (Invulnerable glass blocks is a different topic, it will not look different after the upgrade because it will turn into bulletproof glass which is exactly looking like invulnerable glass.)
  10. Hi @Neb2566. Appreciate the feedback. I know that, with A20 I wanted to test everything without creative mode, I enjoyed doing that but as a side effect I realized this too late, just after I got enough blood bag to craft special trader... so I'm not sure if it was same when A20 first came out, I believe latest update broke something but, one way or another, the current situation is clear. Though I won't be complaining for my single player playthrough, it is easiest quest type but, that doesn't change the fact that it should be fixed. When I have time to check in detail, I'll do that. Thanks again for the heads up!
  11. Good news! Fortunately, I even surprised myself and was being able to fix everything in a little time. So, A20 version is here. Everything from the previous version works now. Plus I even had some time to implement new changes. Hope you all enjoy that! --- Update: Fixed no inventory issue when you open special forge or special workbench (it was because in A20 devs decided to add open_backpack_on_open="true" close_compass_on_open="true" parameters in xui.xml file) --- Upon a request I created invulerable blocks only modlet, download from here. Only includes invulnerable blocks and other necessary things to craft invulnerable blocks. Update: Fixed storage box recipe and Fixed having no tool to upgrade invulnerable blocks (vanilla tools are working material specific) ---
  12. I switched to A20 when it was released to public, from now on I won't be providing any update for A19.6. In A20, some things are still not working yet and I don't have too much free time fix all at once. Meaning A20 version will come later. However I may post a lite version, if there will be some demand for it. (Unfortunately there will be no trader, no bicycle and no glass blocks in lite.)
  13. In the localization file there is a miswritten part. Because of that, description of Desert Vulture says "Gives you X." but there is no meaning, it is only a overlooked leftover from bulk copy/paste>edit routine. I already fixed it in the file for self use. So, when the next version published, you too will see it fixed/removed. Also, if anyone have a feedback about the changes, I appreciate taking your time to share.
  14. Hi Theo. It is possible. In fact earlier versions of my mod was exaclt like you described. However, a server admin told me people in his server just doing that to his base and getting unlimited amount of resources. So, I zeroed all material drops from the invulnerable blocks to prevent that. Anyway, you can make e.g. wood block to invulnerable and give you unlimited wood, same for the steel and etc. If you look blocks.xml file in my mod, you can see lines like that ... <drop event="Harvest" count="0"/> ... If you change any of them like below it will be possible to harvest something ... <drop event="Harvest" name="resourceScrapIron" count="500"/> ... Since my blocks have 50K health, you will get 1 scrap iron per 100 damage you do that block. I believe with above information you can create your own resource fountains. And I suggest you putting them behind close doors to avoid abuses because these blocks will really give you unlimited resources that way. Feel free to write again if you get any trouble creating these blocks. You can also share your work here if it works, I can put it in the first post mentioning you or you can just publish as your own modlet, no problem for me in any way.
  15. Hello there who are still using my mod! First, thanks for your patience! I've been traveling overseas for business and couldn't find time to publish new version. I changed the numbering system, so it is not 10.0.0, here it is A19.6.100, which 100 symbolizes 10.0.0 in fact. Anyway to see what else changed just look down. A19.6.100 Disclaimer: Weapon IDs changed (e.g. AK-47) If you are updating from previous version some of your weapons can disappear. Major changes Fixed names and added description texts to all. PM me if you are interested translating into your language. Made special items and invulnerable blocks craftable only on special forge and special workbench Adjusted ranges, zoom levels, spreads and kicks of all weapons Minor changes Added special painkiller to bring "removeallnegativebuffs" buff back Changed special stone axe into less powerful tool but, now it is possible to craft without workbench Added special claw hammer to fill the void of old special stone axe Added special javelin, it is possible to craft without workbench but, it is way cheaper and faster with workbench Added special spear, basically better version of special javelin Added special fireaxe, it is possible to craft without workbench but, it is way cheaper and faster with workbench Added special admin shotgun to help server admins. It is not viable to craft, since target users are admins they can get via CM Changed some weapons' sound as silencer version where it is possible Removed special stun baton as it was able to harm traders irreversibly which can affect gameplay in a bad way (No problem though if you used on Rekt, he deserves it) Fixed some minor errors those missed earlier Made many minor changes and adjustments Note: Crafting special stone axe, special javelin and special fireaxe without workbench can seem overpowered to experienced players but, it is not completely right. I tested them to not make them dominate the game in day 1, yes of course they are not your ordinary useless stone items, of course they are special however they still can't save your day solely against a horde night. They are just Quality of Life tools, especially when starting a new game. Also many newcoming players find 7DTD challenging to play and drop playing, I believe these tools can make some players actually start enjoying the game and keep playing. Hope you enjoy new version more than before! DOWNLOAD
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