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  1. No doubt Valencia is a good seed. I’ve played it multiple times. Unfortunately once I know the map I tend to get bored fast because I know where everything is and it kinda kills it for me. I usually do a rotation of maps to give me time to forget where stuff is, lol. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on this. There is just something really fun about discovering a new map and striving to survive/thrive. That’s what keeps me playing this broken, piece of @%$# game😏😬 I also like the console community for it also. Always seems to be sincere interest in helping others out. PC 7d2d players are another thing entirely. There are some nice ones but damn can they get pithy and high minded............
  2. I’m with you on the not much wasteland. Just a pain in every way possible. Haven’t visited trader since I just got the bike. I like to run around the roads till I think I’ve got most the traders marked. Like every other player does I’m sure. Just a little update on the “I_Am_Legend_2020”. Pretty much the southern part of the map is desert/plains. Also have noticed POI’s are down long side roads with multiple branches. Just bought wasteland3 so haven’t been playing 7D2D in a minute. Might be back soon if they don’t fix W3. Pisses me off that we pay good money for games that aren’t finished.....but of course I know you guys COMPLETELY understand 😏😏 It’s been debated on forums for this game very thoroughly. Appreciate the console community for advice/help. Happy seed hunting and please share your experiences.
  3. It’s exactly 16 characters long with spaces. IMO using seed names with 16 characters has given me better seeds. Probably just a coincidence but hey, we all have our ways. I’ve only found 3 traders so far and they are some distance apart. 2 are in south west area and are the closer ones. The other one I mentioned is by the silo town. I’ve only been in southern half of map cause there are plenty of looting places and resources. I stayed put for awhile building base and horde night fort. I’m only on day 26. Hope that helps and feel free to elaborate if you give it a try. Getting curious about the northern half since I just got mini bike. Couldn’t find the stupid book to build it and wouldn’t you know I found it in some trash........😏
  4. Just found a nice seed. It’s “I Am Legend 2020”. Don’t forget spaces between each word and 2020. Has hub city and 3 towns east of main hub. Also the towns are full of houses. I mean they are right next to each other with little empty spaces. The south east town has the silo and a trader really close. Just east of town. So far it’s been mostly desert and plains. Could easily survive on a diet of yuca😏
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