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  1. Edward01

    Server Tools

    I deleted this crap game's dedicated server there is no need to configurate thanks
  2. I dont aggree with you. there are lots of creatures, structures and more fluent player movements and physics on Ark but there is no bandwidth requirement as 7d2d does. Furthermore 100-120players are ok on 3mbit on both 5 maps total but it is only 10-12 player on the 7days. I dont aggree with your truck and scooter comparison. if 7days is truck Ark Survival Evolved is space ship cruiser and there is a huge optimisation headroom on this game and has to be fixed.
  3. 30-80kb per player is too much this is unacceptable. I think this is crap programming sorry but true. thank you for your all replies. I'm not doing anything on the server but it is sucking 30kb per second this is really mind blowing.
  4. I have 3mbit upload speed then it should be 10 players for the server configuration ? and is it needed to restart the server frequently? I restart the server in 20-24hours(dedicated server) manually. is there a way to restart it automatically(7days dedicated windows server) and is the alloc fixes must to have on the server? omg I've asked too many questions 😂
  5. I appreciate for your answers. what do you suggest player number for 3mbit?
  6. but is there a way to reduce upload rate or optimise the upload syncronasation or another something else to imrove?
  7. any answer ? is this game's socket programming just crap?
  8. its sometimes 5-15kb per user but sometimes 40-70kb bandwidht per user. that's really crap. map view range is 4, zombie population is 36 animals 40 but it is lagging. is this normal or is this game just a crap ? server hardware is ok its i7 and 32gb ram and ssd but it is lagging due to internet bandwidth. but why this happens when its lagging normally 4-5kb rated my afk charecter is making 20-25kb. why is that happening? mods ? we have backpack mods, some ui mods
  9. Edward01

    Server Tools

    how to make it automatically restart after shutdown ?
  10. how to reduce damage of them and decrease rocket speed and number of undertaker. it is so overpowered it must be tweaked.
  11. is there a way to reduce the damage and fire ratio of some of them ?
  12. Edward01

    Server Tools

    its shutting down ok but how to restart the server again there is a problem in there
  13. Edward01

    Server Tools

    I tried to delete save player steamid profile file in that save/player folder and the related line in profile players.xml under the mapname save folder but didnt succes. did you delete the servertools.bin and succeded? but what about the other players I think if you delete the file all players will be set as new player too ?
  14. there is no entityremove or removentity command furthermore there is no removing entity command https://7daystodie.gamepedia.com/Command_Console
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