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  1. how to reduce damage of them and decrease rocket speed and number of undertaker. it is so overpowered it must be tweaked.
  2. is there a way to reduce the damage and fire ratio of some of them ?
  3. Edward01

    Server Tools

    its shutting down ok but how to restart the server again there is a problem in there
  4. Edward01

    Server Tools

    I tried to delete save player steamid profile file in that save/player folder and the related line in profile players.xml under the mapname save folder but didnt succes. did you delete the servertools.bin and succeded? but what about the other players I think if you delete the file all players will be set as new player too ?
  5. there is no entityremove or removentity command furthermore there is no removing entity command https://7daystodie.gamepedia.com/Command_Console
  6. Edward01

    Server Tools

    how to make a player as new player and give startupkit again ?
  7. is there a way to set it null or hidden on xml parameters? I need to hide the ping values on the players list
  8. how do you destroy a block or remove a unwanted npc ? 7days wiki is very insufficent very weak
  9. Is there a way to hide the ping info in the game player list menu by xml ui parameters ? I believe it can be but couldnt find the parameter in the xml files any way to hide this information?
  10. this game's admin commands are very weak. there is no "destroymytarget" command either
  11. is the sniper turret mod needed to download also from client side?
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