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    True Survival

    Dont know if its mod related or its a general game bug, but some quest POIs dont seem to reset correctly. The location is then totally destroyed with most of the location missing and ground merged into it where it shouldnt be. I had this on "house old bungalow 11" lvl 4 waterworks quest poi and saw the same on a "coalmine" POI. What the locations all have in common is that there is a underground complex. After i shot i zombie in such a bugged location also a collapse of multiple blocks which werent visibly there happend, but it looked like a massive part of a structure collapsed.
  2. jihizuu

    True Survival

    i cant seem to craft natural antibiotics, though i have the recipy and ingredients. its white when im in inventory crafting mode, but grey in the campfire mode, and says im missing mortar and pestle. i also tried the mortar and pestle in the campfires tool slots. is there anything else i am missing for tools, or im doing wrong? also, i placed the mortar and pestle on the ground to see if i can craft it there. is there any way to pick it up again?
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