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  1. Nitrogen Prefablist.txt supports placements but doesn't support ZONES in any way?😞 //prefab_filename, 7DtD zone (ignored), face north, y-offset, x,y,z, NitroGen zone (; as delimiter) DFalls_DemonPortal,NOZONE,0,0,15,11,3,alone For example Using prefablist generator I pulled names POI's and placements such as DemonPortal and placed it in NOZONE and ALONE If someone knew the names of each of this list of POI's they could manually place them in the restricted Zones as such? When supported!
  2. @KhaineGB HI! Love your mod just now starting to work with it. I would love to create custom maps using Nitrogen using my presets. Would it work to rename CompoPack45Hotfix2 xcostum placements in the prefablist.txt with the respective DFP prefabs and are these any different? Also curious if the generator is working with the Resource Piles lines located at the top of the out of date prefablist for DarknessFalls from NickPhaedra Is this all you would need to play Darkness Falls on a Custom Map with your POI from the mod or would DarknessFalls be missing a lot more? Could you help
  3. @Damocles I have been working with your tool since Novmember ALPHA 18! I love your work and this game would be unplayable for a person like me with you bringing CUSTOM MAP PROC to us! <3 <3 <3 But.... I WANT SO MUCH MORE!!!!!! :) -Biome settings for wasteland and burnt forest control amount and size of these zones -DarknessFallZones biome setting in prefablist.txt //commented out by default control amount and size of these zones -Updated prefablists for DarknessFalls with POI placed according to zone including prefablist for CompoPack45 together and seperate -Snow zo
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