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  1. I'm down to just a few blocks that still give a null reference in the editor. I seriously don't get what you're trying to accomplish here with your posts.
  2. Ah I misunderstood that. Problem with that would be that the prefab won't work with a vanilla 7dtd. Better would be some kind of converter programm^^ or replacing the blocks by hand via Hals editor on a 12.5 7dtd with modded blocks (and those with the right IDs) so that loaded in A13 those modded12.5 blocks will correspond with the right block in A13. If that makes sense^^
  3. I had hoped if I deleted blocks like the upper and lower coffin (which is now a new one-block coffin) and the half mattress I could maybe load the prefab in A13. But you are right it seems to be much more complicated. I am far from being an expert so any hint or help how to convert a prefab to A13 would be much appreciated.
  4. I can't really answer this, but I got the editor running in the A13 build (the game can't be started with the editor installed, though) to take a look at my prefab and why it doesn't load: There are a ton of blocks in the prefab that are now with a null reference but still exist in A13 like bricks blocks or concrete so a lot of IDs have been changed. Which ones and to what new IDs and how to make a prefab A13 ready I have no idea^^
  5. Thank you very much for the effort of sharing this information in such detail! Very much appreciated! Luckily I didn't use most of the blocks listed, just the SOD blocks and of course the iron wall (rest in peace you very handy texture for industrial or futuristic designs). Also none of my stairs cause any error ingame despite the fact that they cause errors in hals prefab editor. I'll stop now with the thread hijacking When My prefab is ready I'd like to contact you so that, if you like the prefab, you could maybe include it in your pack?! Thanks for your help!
  6. I think there is a misunderstanding^^ I meant myself with the "cry for help". when I asked what the bugs are you have to roll back to 11.4 for I myself was close to giving up on repairing my prefab... I posted in this thread and in Hals prefab editor thread asking what a11 blocks are causing errors in a12... so, it was me who was "crying for help"
  7. When you cry for help, but find the solution mere minutes after^^ It wasn't the stairs that were causing the error, but SOD blocks. Had to replace them in the editor that showed them as black unknown blocks (how did I not see that before????) and now my prefab loads without problems. Well, that were some frustrating hours I could have saved myself from by just taking a closer look before going into try and error mode^^
  8. Thx a lot for your response!!! So concrete stairs i have to look out for! That's a great help allready! The other 3 nasty bugs seem to be bugs that don't stop the chunk generation completly if I get it right? So I'll get to these (if my prefab will have them at all) when the prefab doesn't crash the whole game anymore^^ Maybe I can help you too with a little trick I use to get rid of blocks that you "can't touch" in the editor: I get rid of these with the copy function... copy 2 non-buggy blocks arranged like these dots : and move the cursor above the buggy block, paste the two non-buggy
  9. Can you tell me what the special repairs are? If I understand you right it's only some stairs or stair-rotations. I find it hard to narrow down which ones are causing the chung generation error because when I look at what has been generated so far I think all, or most, of the stairs have been generated without causing an error.
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