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  1. Draghain ... Thanks! For some reason no matter which URL I clicked for current, or older versions. It did not work. After you posted I tried copying the URL and manually pasting into the browser address bar ... bingo! It worked! Thanks! War and Peace, UnknownSoldier
  2. Can anyone rehost the Nitrogen files? Seems the links to download on the main page are no longer valid.
  3. Pille, Can you advise how to get the 7daystodie tab to work so I can view the prefab as it will look in game? When I click on the tab, all I am getting is a white screen. War and Peace, UnknownSoldier P.S. Thanks a million for this tool. Now I can review all of the compo packs and make sure no one is being overly enthusiastic about loot boxes, or secret rooms to not-cheat finding. And get rid of the horribly designed ones.
  4. Damocles, What is the best settings to get vanilla type city structure? I have played around with NITROGEN settings. But I keep getting a lot of empty city blocks (more than expected), and roads that don't make sense. two roads side by side with 1 block width between them. Roads in the city that turn and abruptly end. I also have compo 40 installed, and don't minds having extra POI's. I actually desire them. But the unnatural city blocks, weird roads, and ending roads is the only thing keeping me from switching to NITROgen'd worlds. War and Peace, UnknownSoldier
  5. What settings should be used to get as close to a vanilla experience as possible? IE: City structure Would also like to know if it is possible to import the vanilla game splat maps? Basically would like to use your generator (it is faster) to make a 16k map with vanilla style cities, POI's, and splatmaps, but have nitrogen biomes. War and Peace, UnknownSoldier
  6. Does anyone know of a decent poi rotation editor? A script or anything that will process the poi.xml files in the whole directory without having to load each on individually? I have noticed quite a few POI's who's rotation is not attached to the road, and the backs of the buildings are facing away from the road. Thanks, Unknown
  7. Dwall, Can you entertain adding in Hal's Halicopter (sdx). It is a drone that flies loot back to base. Would be awesome for larger cities. Also can you entertain removing Sly_Ship, and The village from POI's they are game breakingly overpowered for loot. -Unknown
  8. Mag, I have been getting very small towns in my seeds. Usually only 4 buildings and a farm plot. I tried this on multiple seeds, and It is the same thing over and over again. I am not getting any small towns, or small cities persay. Hub city was fairly small in all seeds as well. I did go into the rqgmixer and un-commented a few items, and it seems to have improved, but I am not sure how it all works. It is like I am a mechanic, that read a book on anatomy trying to do open heart surgery. I understand the mechanics and theory behind it. But I am more dangerous mucking around than not. Can we get an updated tweaked rwgmixer? Thanks! UnknownSoldier
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