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  1. This was a pretty fun experience to break up the standard 7days experience. Gave some insight into how the game was long ago before skill points were condensed as a bonus. Just a few things I would like to weigh in on: 1. It was rather difficult at times to find info on how certain things in this mod work such as the farming and conflicting skill/class points. The best source I could find was youtubes usually over 30 minutes long. Sometimes would find the info and sometimes not. A wiki for this mod could be very helpful. 2. There are class quest skill perks that raise the crafting of certain gear like the crafting perks, but don't raise your repairing skill along with it. This means that while you're able to build a shiny new gun, you somehow don't have the knowledge to maintain it at that level. Even though you could just make another one from scratch. Don't know if this was intentional but it seems like it was an oversight maybe. 3. Many of the older POIs (assuming they are older) use some weird spawning logic which won't spawn the sleeping zombs until you enter a certain distance from their spawn pos. Results in situations where enemies can materialize practically right in your face. Surely minimum player spawn distance could be cranked up to reward careful eyes rather than playing minesweeper. 4. Zombie behemoth (and assuming other enemies of higher tier) should not one shot partially armored players over 200 health on a regular attack. L4D tank doesn't, KF fleshpound doesn't, Fallout deathclaw doesn't, the list goes on. Endgame enemy HP may scale up into space following the player weapon progression creating deadly threats able to shrug off damage while shredding bases but if their damage to players follows suit it just creates one shot hazards. 120 to an unarmored player plus some -25% natural armor penetration would be plenty enough for it to be a feared endgame mob, right and proper in balance. That's my feedback anyway, keep up the good work. Modders are what's keeping the 7d2d blood flowing these days.
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