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  1. Hey team. Thanks for all the responses. Yes - absolutely cleared the cache. Yes - absolutely made sure the IP was correct (did it myself copying & pasting the IP to be certain). Yes - definitely rebooted the router. Definitely monitored rejection & drop noticed in my router log. I'm not a deeply experienced game server admin, but I spent 8 years as a Unix & web server admin & I'm still in the IT industry managing enterprise storage & enterprise apps & networking, so I know what I'm doing from the network & settings perspective which is why it freaked me the hell out when things wasn't working! In the end, the server started working again in the last couple of days. I've made no changes to the server & no changes to my client end. So...yeah, either something to do with server population in Steam/FP or something to do with DNS/port access via my own ISP. Either way, painful, but at least all is well now. Thanks again y'all. 💜
  2. Hey everyone. Sorry to be the new jerk who's first post is a new topic with a plea for help, but...well I'm a new jerk who has need of help & I couldn't find this specific issue in any of the recent threads. You see for the past few months, I've been running a very small dedicated server on the Linux box in my living room. It was pretty straightforward to set up, set up the firewall NAT ports, configure the serverconfig.xml etc & it has been running beautifully, right through the Experimental Alpha 19 updates & the Mario Blocks which showed up if I didn't wipe the world (loved colourful @%$*#!s by the way...a little sad to see them go), but just the last 2 days, none of my friends have been able to find my server in the server list & a direct IP connect fails. I was thinking is was something I'd done (even though I hadn't done anything) & it's working for me locally, but when I tether my phone to my laptop to test, it fails. No server listing, direct IP timeout. I've re-activated my old Minecraft server on the same box to test & it's working perfectly, so...I'm a little confused. Has anyone else noticed that the Server Browser has a VERY short list these days? I've checked all my filters on the Server Browser & it's all "Any". I've restarted the server software & the hardware, but no dice. Does anyone know if the Fun Pimps or Valve have done something with Server ports or the Server Browser? Would love any help. DodgyWitch
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