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  1. PIP Optics Compatibility Patch available here Pistol RMR Compatibility Patch available here Isnt working on new version(
  2. but on local game with those mods - all works
  3. Hi, I have a dedicated server. And it has a set of mods on it. All mods are working, but there is a problem! the task to find supplies, or to clear and find supplies - does not work. When I start the quest - there is no marker for supplies, having searched the whole house - nothing is found except for one empty bag. There are 2 mods for tasks - an initial quest and a reward system for a merchant level. tier rewar system starter quest when i started the server for the first time and got to the merchant there was a yellow error that it seems impossible to find the merchant's name. when I come and run the quest the console gives this error EndOfStreamException: Failed to read past end of stream
  4. thx for all!!! problems with markers and tasks - got it) i fix by reloads mods
  5. I can't understand what the problem is. I have all tasks from pieces of paper lead 0 meters to the collection point. And those who come to me - on the contrary, have no initial assignments. the one who has the prefab loaded from the compop has problems with textures (overlapping). and those who do not have them - everything is fine.
  6. I have problems! latest version (license). there is the last generator, everything you need is filled in folders. The map is generated but the map in not quite normal places textures appear that can be passed but at the same time broken as resources. for example here is settings of map
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