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  1. Hi, i'm just another player of ravenhearst 6.4, but i think i can help you because it happened something similar to me a while ago. The reason you can't read those types of skill books it may be because you try to read them while in the inventory, but the way to do it is putting them in your tool bar and use them clicking the left button, like you would do to chop off a tree. It's the same for the backpacks. About the issue with the sunglasses, the reason it doesn't boost your stats it may be because you don't have the level requirement that unlocks that level of the stat that, otherwise, you would have. If you move your pointer on the padlock next to the explanation of what that skill does, it should show you the level requirement. Once you get that level, the sunglasses should start taking effect. Have a nice day! (Sorry for my english too, i'm a spanish guy ;))
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