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  1. Yeah i agree with "The Story Smith" For those @%$*#! tier "Stone to Bronze" u could make them broke, without possibility of repair. And keep repairing gameplay for iron and Steel. To make them more important tier
  2. Yeah said like that u've right. I was angry for nothing.My bad, i've a problem with my computer. It's not the fault of the game. But i think it will be a good idea to implemente a record save every 3min? (maybe? idk?)
  3. That doesnt work. I dont understand what's happend. I deleted all the bak. And now i dont understand nothing. 7 day dont see the game when i try to load my save... i'm quit pissed off now. I just loose 100H just bc my computer Shut down? That's a joke?
  4. Hello, i was playing 7 day to die and my computer shut down. Now when i try to join, cant find it in "continue game" I find in my document my game with my character. But when i create another map, changing with the previous, with the character. I start lvl 1 day 1, with no gear no exp and stuff. But i'm on the map i already know and played. What happend? Any idea?
  5. Yes it's a good idea. U can create some priority? or protection with barrier (or land claim block)? But it'll look strange to see garden inside some steel barrier protection
  6. I would prefer to use Tin than Brass. Bc to make real Bronze, u need Tin and Copper. But it's Fun Pimps who'll decide at the end.
  7. Good idea for the new Steel Why not add Bronze and Copper? It'll be more easy to make, and could add one more ore to the game (Get inspiration from bronze working from Civ game ) Add Copper as a ore Copper + Tin = Bronze. Copper tool and Bronze Tool (Dark Orange for the first and Dark emeraude for the second?) Stone / Copper / Bronze /Iron etc
  8. Thk u for your answer. I already know for the similar system, my idea are here to improve this system for those important NPC. And i dont think that the perk "Daring adventurer" is enough. For now, the seller are just used by the player, nothing more (that my interpretation) Thk for your mod. I'll not use it, i'm not sur that my computer is good enough, i already playing on the lowest stade at 7 day. I agree that my notes are rough draft. As i wrote at the beginning, i've read nothing from the forum. The best is to skip ideas already proposed or planned to be implemented. I've a lot of others idea like this. All are rought draft xD too
  9. Hello, i've some ideas i want to share. My ideas to improve the game. Idk if u already have it or not or they're already implemented. I try to help the game, bc i like it. If ppl already talking about ideas i had, i'm sorry, i didnt read anything. I just think 15 Min before and that what my brainstorming create. The first picture is a exemple of my second idea. - Make animation for object, like when workbench, make the bench vise spin? one stuff like this for each object. - Decrease the area of protection of a seller, make 1 or 2 square after his wall. wtf how i cant destroy those flower? Not serious (Picture N°1) - Make a room with a bed for seller, create a night life for them - Create friendship level with seller, like stade 1 they give u better mission, last stade, they accept u in the night in the base (but dont sell stuff) - Create a new attribute (charisma), and put this "friend ship level" and put all influence adventage inside. add in the Charisma attribute, more perk for multiplayer (ffa) or stuff like this)* - Increase speed of motor vehicle. (14km/h for a bike? Are u serious? xD) - Add a button mapping to always go straight. (usefull when u want to discover map and travel, and guide yourself only with the mouse) - Create perk (Motor vehicule Engineer in Intelligence) to help to create mod for vehicule and increase speed and decrease gasoline needs/requirement - Create mod for vehicule (of course) Like speed wheel to go faster on the road, dirt tire for outside of road. - Add 10% speed on road and - 10% speed outside road. Except for 4x4. - God Sake, Make the autogyro drivable without having a bac + 5 (ahah) - Create more mod for sledgehammer, like double spike on the top, - Create more mod for crossbow... we really need. Get inspiration from Cho Ko Nu (Chinese Crossbowman), like put 3/4 arrow in a row and shot it. - Create a perk for melee two hand weapon and create halberd or put spear inside (one who cant throw) - Create Sword ( one hand and two handed) why not a shield? that'll be funny. Create the possibility of Parry a zombie attack - When a fat zombie explode, make the caracter being stun like a soldier. - Create stress for the caracter. Surrender by zombie. wtf it's scary for your life. - Create a old flea market or antiquities seller to find some medieval item. - Why not create a alarm clock inside building to scare player? Item who can be used to attract Zombie? - Add more mod to change cloth to another. Like the mod to change a hat to a cap. But we have nothing for shoes? why? - Add a book perk with horror book (to gain extra damage on special ennemies) - Add a time to read a book. Like 10 sec for short book and 30 for big? - Add a perk in Intelligence to reduce this time and earn more experience - Create more workshop, like a tanning one. (for the animal skin) why we cant use zombie body like before? knife them to gather ressource? - Another for recyling. - Please !!! Make that when we put a bed, we can get it back. (if we make a mistake) - Stop to recycling directly from the bag? Wtf? How can i shot a zombie (so have a weapon in my hand) and destroy in the same time a can? not realistic dont u think? - Make the player only do ONE thing at the time. (so Create animation with hand when u destroy a can.) of course we can walk slowly when we do this - Create smoke for the forge (or in the room, more like a smoke fog), or add a big pipe on the top? xD - I dont find one handed firearm clear in the perk point (the definition). Magnum and pistol are the same ok. But not small machine gun. Make a perk for machine gun and another completely different for pistol/Magnum. - Add possibility to make our own color (u know painting). With a workshop? Like make red with chrysanthemum? Black with coal... so add more flower - Important ! Add a labeling machine. We can use to change name of object. Like if i place a library, i want to add only rifle perk. I want to rename in rifle library. - Add a Small pad or bandage only for Scratch? - Add more detail in object specification... i dont understand the difference between a bipod and a handful. (for gun) - OF course ! Add more visual look for gun. When i put a handful or drum charger, i want it on my gun - Another really important Stuff !!!! Make possible to capture animals !! Like chicken to have egg daily, create food for them with seed, that u can use seed from potato or seed from tree (bc after few tree, tree seed are useless) - Add cow? for milk - Perk around animal like "Country life" - Add upgrade for workshop. Like a real cooking pot on the fire. With some wood reduction for it? - Why u delete the poop in the game? we could use it to create some fertilizer for our garden (same for cow poop) Or maybe use poop to cover your smell from zombie. - Why u delete the smell of blood or fresh meat? Who can attract zombie? That was a very good idea - Create another bar for our player. Poop and pee bar. To create more survival immersion. (idk what we can do with pee...) So we could use Bathroom. Why not a bar for shower? (maybe not lol) - Create more Face gear. We only have 3 for now... not enough. Gas Mask? only for mouth (create a chin protection for helmet?) Maybe a tooth protector? - Important stuff ! Create a water recuperator from rain. It's important water in a survival game. - Create a One handed tromblon, who can throw stone (maybe?) - Create like fallout a air gun? (the first weapon u have when u're a kid in the 3) - Make the player start without a bagpack. Create some backpack (and stop to stack 6000 stone... lol who can carry this much?) - Create the need of sleep for the player. (Survival ) Be nice and respectfull. I'm just a random guy trying to help with his brain. I'm not a english natural speaker. I'm sur i make some mistake and error. Cordialy Linkdark
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