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  1. FYI: on Xsmall DF Map, Eve spawns out in the desert (@1931W-843E) and is bugged, you cannot talk to her. Gives: ERR [XUi] Error while updating window group 'radial' - EXC The given key was not present in the dictionary Also when I do a buried treasure or mine, within a few minutes a heavy zed group will spawn near me. I kill them, dig about 4-5 more times, another group spawns - repeat. Is some Heat factor out of whack or is this 'working as intended'?
  2. Go to it - Let's put the Saturn back in Saturnalia! /RL is kicking my butt until about mid-January anyway
  3. Default number of zeds seems ok. With feral sense on things do get more interesting at night. Wait for an updated mod that 2x 4x 8x 16x the spawns... it should be soonish. /likes a target rich environment too
  4. don't seem to always be at the SW corner of the yellow circle anymore! It was a thing in A19 that 9/10 times you could find the chest at/near the SW corner - not anymore! At level 1 so far, twice the chest was near in the SE corner and the last time it was dead central in the zone. /not sure if JaWoodle will laugh or cry about this
  5. God Bless and God Speed Khaine (and John Glenn) /no rush
  6. That timing works for me. I've just wiped all prior 7d2d game and save directories and am now dl'ing a completely clean version of 19.4 that A20 can update into. /gives me also a few hours to do some stuff the wife wants done before I lock myself into the computer room for most of this week //a few weeks with vanilla A20 and then hopefully Khaine will have the next version of DF ready!
  7. ETA=Soon The advance Streamer Weekend has been announced as starting Dec 3rd - that should mean launch 'should' be next week sometime
  8. Sometime back, circa A17? or so, fire damage to zeds got drastically nerfed. I think it's currently 1 dam/second, which seems excessive. Without reinventing the wheel or changing everything, I was wondering how to do just a simple tweak - like making a late game weapon mod variant of the Burning Shaft... doing say 3 or 4 pt/sec instead. Has anyone already done something like this? What would be the simpliest mod tweak to do this?
  9. Where can I DL the 'Anywhere Anytime' add-on mod for DF? /don't see it at any of the usual places
  10. Link seems to be broken for me 😕 <Error> <Code>AccessDenied</Code> <Message>Access denied.</Message> <Details> Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to the Google Cloud Storage object. </Details> </Error> /think I've finally fixed my weird system problems now that were crashing 7D2D and ready to try again
  11. FYI, KingGen has a new update and warns that all 'Old POIs lists are no longer compatible with this version.' I'm afraid you'll have to figure out what he changed and update your DF POI list 😕 /thanks as always for your work
  12. Win10 is not leaving crash reports - I've tweaked the Recovery settings and turned off automatic reboot. When I can get a crash dump I'll run Whocrashed. I've consider PSU issues... but good ones are unobtainium this year, so I'll try and rule out everything else first 😕
  13. BSD are sometimes hardware, but also can be driver or SW issues. New/Clean Win10 install 3 weeks ago. New Radeon driver install. Replaced system memory Monitoring cpu thermals (all normal) Running out of possible hardware things to troubleshoot. Whocrashed isn't finding any culprit. BSD ONLY ever occurs in 7D2D. Every other game/app runs perfectly.
  14. As always, I wiped the entire 7D2D game directory with every alpha change, then did clean new install from Steam. I could start a New Game w/o errors, but later loading a Saved game will generate these errors and almost immediately freeze then BSD, hard reboot of pc. Tried wiping/clean reinstall repeatedly (3x so far), no change. If it's pertinent, I am using a KingGen game map and only the Darkness Falls mod (Khaine has never seen this error before either). What does 'get country.code Error: NameResolution' mean?
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