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  1. Happens to me all of the time 😕 Usually, 3/4th of the time, it's because something hasn't spawned into place yet... often it's one of the thunder chickens, so double-check the roofs for the flappy f*cks Half the time I just had to fail the quest and do another one 7d2d does need a console command to complete a current quest
  2. Wishing a happy (safe) holidays to the CP team - you're doing God's Own Work! Any rumors about the future status of Nitrogen... can anybody take over from Damocles? /it's already getting pretty buggy, sadly
  3. Found it - thanks! It's actually about the way I remember it... so it will work just fine for my late-stage base
  4. Loving CP46... but have a quick stupid question. In CP45Fix2 there was a great POI designed to be a late-stage horde defense base, and I haven't been able to find it so far in CP46. Square, three story all-concrete - round pillars & iron spikes on open ground floor, iron bar floored fighting area on 2nd floor, living area rooms on third, rooftop garden on top. Wish I had a screenie to illustrate, but does anyone know what this POI is called?
  5. Supposedly after the K menu was disabled in 19.0, this was immediately modded to bring it back.... where can I find it? I think I've looked about everywhere! The only mod I can find for this 'broke' with 19.1 and has never been updated. I just want to flatten some bloody terrain and the Pimps took this away from us!
  6. Love the CP46 update Created a new random Nitrogen map with CP46 and did find some weirdnesses - towns/cities all mashed together in the center with just raw biome surrounding it for endless miles. Also all of the traders all spawned together next to each other at the edge of the city (south side I think). Also the raceway POI seemed to have been excessively favored and spawned every 3-4 buildings. Quit and am now playing the CP46000 map... like it so far !
  7. <delete this... on wrong thread>
  8. Thanks for all of the hard work If possible, please redo/replace the CP45hotfixoo1 map... it seems to be at least 40%+ burnt biome 😕
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