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  1. On 7/20/2021 at 8:24 PM, ErrorNull said:

    Hi @melvil6300 and @InsKill - sorry to say, but i did not design enZombies mod with compatibility with other mods in mind. the reason is because I need to control which zombie groups spawn in which biomes, and also prevent certain zombies from spawning in other biomes. the most efficient way for me to do this is to delete the existing zombie groups and redo them from scratch, and also create my own zombie groups. this will cause unpredictable results with other mods.

    Some other mods might assume that those vanilla zombie groups (or spawners) still exists, but don't know that it's been deleted by my mod. which is what's happening in your case @melvil6300. Snufkin Custom Zombies PLUS is looking to add some code into "feralHordeStageGS19", 23, 27, etc. but it doesn't realize that my mod only contains at highest "feralHordeStageGS16". Any feralHordeStageGS of 17 or higher does not exist any longer because my mods deletes them. one workaround is to delete lines 199 - 330 inside gamestages.xml of enZombies. this should prevent the error with the Snufkin mod, but it will also prevent any enZombies from spawning during horde night.


    @InsKill the RED test zombies are appearing because there is a mod you are using that still relies on "ZombiesBurntForest" group. my mod has deleted this group and is using a different named one for the burnt forest. the GREEN test zombies are appearing because there is a mod that still relies on the "ZombiesAll" group. my mod doesn't use this group at all. as a quick bandaid, you can delete lines 25-60 inside entitygroups.xml of enZombies and it should fix the issue.


    at this time, my priority is to fix any bugs that come up from having enZombies installed with no other mods. if you are using other mods with enZombies, it would require me to study those other mods, how they interact with enZombies, and depending on my motivation, i might have some ideas to offer and might not.


    at some point i would like to include zombies from other mods like Snufkin's Custom Server Side Zombies - PLUSNEW ZOMBIE TEXTURES - Mumpfy, and A19/A18 CreaturePacks - A community entity project, but will need to get the mod creators' permissions as I will have to manually merge the XML code from those mods to work with enZombies .. in order to maintain its existing custom zombie spawning scenarios/ratios. 😎





    Deleting of that lines removed GREEN test zombies but RED test zombies still intact - only at night. No any zombimodifications in my game.
    UPD: There is no any enZombies in the wilderness.

    UPD_2: In the night POIs have enZombies (REDs too)

  2. 1) what biome did the test zombie spawn in?                                                 Forest - this is only biome I have

    2) was it day or night when the test zombie spawned?                                 Any

    3) was it outside in the wilderness? or inside a POI?                                       Wilderness

    4) if inside a POI, let me know the name of the POI. *                                    -------------

    On 8/6/2021 at 1:59 AM, ErrorNull said:


    Sorry to hear that. Did you try the above steps? deleting those lines?

    Oh! I forgot delete lines. Try and replay

  3. 21 hours ago, Scrimge said:

    needs some help please, the mod isnt giving me the option to craft the guns even though I have learned the schedmatic and they are in my recipies. I jsut dont thave the button for crafting


    try to build a workbench from this modlet. "Ammo workbench" AFAIR. Its with green logo on icon.

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  4. @ErrorNull I've use CreaturePackHumans and CreaturePackZombies (also Stallionsdens zombie modifications 2) and after install your mod there start spawning green and red Zs all around the world. After removing your mod - spawn return to normal.


    What I did wrong?

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  5. 2 hours ago, AtomicUs5000 said:

    I guess some people have moral issues with it. I don't. To me, I don't care what shape, age, sex, creature etc becomes zombified... it is no longer what it once was. It is now a zombie, and must die. However, I do think it looks cheesy. I have yet to see a single movie or show where someone successfully makes a zombie child and it actually looks believable and scary. Maybe for others, it's scary as hell... but for me, it always looks really stupid.
    Madmole did say, "No child zombies are coming. Something small perhaps." Hoping for that.

    In Dead Space was zombie-child. It's was creepy. And in DooM 3 was child-fly mutants. BZZZZZZZZZ!

  6. Distant terrain works for me very well with this CP. But! I have another issue: I'd destroyed a prefab, but when I walk away and turn around, I see it on its place. I walk to it, and prefab dissappear to the rumbles.


    Sorry for bad english

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