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  1. Hi @Bar0th, I wanted to ask you something since I'm newbie on hosting a dedicated server and messing with 7days files in general. As you mentioned, the mod requires to be installed on the server + client(s) used by me, so I guess that means it must also be installed in my game's local directory? I tried to install it myself but didn't work, I put the mod inside server path "...7daystodie/Mods" For local I did the same, plus also tried inside "...\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Prefabs" folder. But didn't gave me any result either way. Could you give me some help :p? Basically last night I was messing with the idea to build a structure in this lake as part of my base and exactly as expected I had troubles with damn water gaps bug that I couldn't fix myself with frames, buckets and water blocks from creative mode so I got here investigating for an editing tool and be able to edit the blocks as I please including (k) option. I find much better being able to extend the limits building with your mates! And by the way I turned off EAC as you said, just in case. Thanks you for opening this discussion and share the DMT!
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