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  1. New version v1.0 :


    NEW : POI Picker
    - select prefabs from vanilla and Mods (DF, UL, CompoPack, Asian mod, ...)
    - filter : mods, type (tier, trader, biome, .... ), user string
    - view details and picture
    - save list into TXT file



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  2. 49 minutes ago, nedlynpopo said:

     Appreciate the tip, thank you, but if i can't kill him even in god mode... him hurting me isn't the problem... well its A problem but not THE problem

    Really appreciate the response, thank you.  but either i was unclear or i am confused. The Laser workbench and fusion forge are only located on the bottom level of the lab, correct, near the portal, next room over if i'm not mistaken?  no where else? i didn't miss one on an upper level? so while yes i brought everything i needed to craft things, have tons of cells and multitools, raw titanium, etc. I can't realisticly get to those workbenches to use them.  The behemoth is sitting right at the entrance to that level, and While other demons were stopped at key card doors, those jerks at the portal were opening even locked doors in that bottom area.. I didn't let em out, they opened the door before i got anywhere near it. so the room with the forge and work bench, atleast the ones i know about, are persona no gratis, 

    the number of demons and close quarters i really don't even  think i could run in, start crafting, run out, kill an hour or so for them complete and have any hope of going back to collect without getting massacred. it just doesn't seem feasable. I was seeing atleast 2 incubuses pop out of that portal. i'm gonna get pinned in a corner and wrecked.


    I guess the only question then is, does the trader in the radiation zone actually stock them once in awhile, level 5 better barter? and its just more abysmal luck on my part, or is that bad info and i'm wasting my time...


    and again, really fun mod, just this one irratating little situation, otherwise thoroughly enjoying it. and thank you.

    I haven't play Darkness Falls since 1 month but everyone goes in the lab. You need to have some good weapons (i use a coilriffle+coilpistol) some ammo (2/3 k) some mods on the guns (to stop regeneration) and some water. Go in sneaky mod and close the portal room so you won't have problems with it. Just before the portal room you have also a fusion forge, use my trick and you can succeed. Most of the time i do the lab only in sneaky mod with my coilpistol (with a silencer) to avoid the screamers waiting for you at the exit. With points in sneak and pistol, it is more than doable.

  3. 1 hour ago, nedlynpopo said:

    Can I not edit my post...


    Two "brilliant" ideas came to me while trying to sleep, so I made a copy of my save, went creative mode and gave them a test.

    The first, lure the demon behind a key card access door and close him off while i make my stuff at the forge and workbench, this worked on him, unfortunately the demons at the portal opened their door and came flooding out, and i couldn't kill them any better than i could him, i tried to shut the door to lock them in , it said locked and wouldn't shut, so i unlocked it and shut it, and they opened it again... are they supposed to be able to do this?

    also while most of the walls are undamageable, the key card color indicator present at certain doors, is destroyable... doesn't really matter.


    second "ingenious" idea was suppliment my personal firepower with 8 mk2 shotgun turrets... not only did that fail, but it summoned about a 50 screamers topside. had to use the killall command to get my framerate back from them and their hordes. But we'd knock the demon down to maybe 15-20k health, and then he'd stop taking damage before finally just rocketing back to 60k.


    Seriously, am i being a total moron here or what?


    incidently, kudos for making screamers a threat again, they are such a joke in alpha 19 i'm not sure why they even bother to keep them. I definitely take them seriously in darkness falls though.



    In the lab, you can destroy the 2 blocks over the doors. Put a frame, jump on it and you can shoot the Z safely (except from the flaming missiles)

  4. Various Tools for 7DTD :


    Tools avalaible:

    - convert a DTM heightmap PNG file into a RAW file

    - convert a RAW file into a grayscale 16 bits PNG file

    - the picture can be vecticaly flip during convertion


    All the infos and download link here : https://discord.gg/QZbJWDp9vB


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  5. 9 hours ago, DominionZA said:

    I'm having trouble entering the hightech stage of my game. I've been having a hard time finding the bunkers on my RWG world. I'am not sure where to look for them or how they exactly generate. I've ridden for hours on end through the entire wasteland looking for entrances but without any success. I tried looking up on the internet but there isn't much of a guide available. I've seen youtubers finding vault doors inside fountains or in military tents, but I've came across no vaults so far. I've tried also to venture through an entire cave system but haven't found anything. Could you help out with that? Do they really generate in RWG worlds or are they only available in the static maps?


    Look on this forum in the section "Game Modification / Tools", there is a Map Previwer that will show you the Labs/Bunkers (if they exists).


  6. Most of the map i see now use the water_info.xml.

    Some of them has more than 700.000 lines (=700.000 water sources !).

    It seems that they create water source for 8 blocks (8 for X position and 8 for Y position)


    We need a good documentation for that.


    Best i have found is this : 



    And now you understand why my map generator works (for now) only on flat ground with no water sources !

  7. Hi,


    I have never seen a "FixedWaterLevel" = True !

    The new Navergane didn't have this line anymore.

    They use water_info.xml.


    I have heard that the Nitrogen maps has an automatic waterlevel around 30 blocks high. (never test it)

    They use the splat file to have water.


    One day i generate myself a flat map with ground level = 0, and i get no water.

    And i don't find any link on Internet.


  8. Thanks for testing. I really supposed that TFP used all the values of the 16 bits pictures and your screenshot shows it.


    For my map gen, i use a .... flat map ! (for now) so i don't have any problem (it is so nice to drive a car without problem all around the map)


    For the generation of a dtm, read above. Some use the TIFF format and says that it works.

    Also read this:




    Hope that this will help you.

    And remember when you save the TGA or TIFF file, you need to specify 16 bits grayscale little endian.

    If your graphic software doesn't permit to do this, try another one.

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  9. Yes you can use a PNG (i use it in my map generator). But a grayscale PNG is 8 bits (0-255) and the raw dtm is 16 bits (0-65535), so i suppose that the ground will be not so smoth.

    For the software search for "World Checker".


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  10. Hello KingSlayer,

    The DTM.RAW is a grayscale 16 bits little endian binary file.

    I don't know about TGA file, but you can use a DTM.PNG file (gray scale: red=green=blue)

    And i think that the dtm picture should have the same size than the map.

    Look into the "Tools" section, there is a software to check your files.

  11. I think that you should verify your cpu/gpu heat when you have problems.

    Even when you pause the game (ESC key), the game is still making computations (i can hear my fan turning).

    So don't pause, quit the game !

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