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  1. There are plenty of tutorials for adding custom blocks and all that, but I cannot find a tutorial for adding vehicles to the game. Do vehicles need tags before you export them, and if so then what tags do they need? I've tried finding where the game stores its prefabs to see if I could by any chance import them into unity to see the tags but I've had no luck finding them. Also, right now I just have a model I imported from the asset store and have the script in order to bundle it into a unity3d file, so if thats also incorrect then please let me know. I'm really struggling to find anything helpful on adding anything vehicle related to this game upon loading into a world it says "could not load file ... for entity_class 'vehicle'"
  2. I'll give that a look and see if I can follow it! Also, I'm clearly new to this forum lol so for future reference which forum would I post things like this in? Thanks!
  3. I've been getting into modding and everything has seemed relatively straightforward when it comes to adding icons or specifying vanilla textures for custom items, but I can't figure out nor find a guide on how to made or get unity3d files for things like vehicles or items. I'm very new to using Unity, and for one don't know how to export 3D models as unity3d files and I also can't seem to find any websites that offer free already made 3d vehicles or items already available as a unity3d file. On top of that, I don't really know how exactly to specify to use that unity3d file inside the xml. For the most part, I've been looking at how other mods specify it, but they basically all have the file name, such as "BRDM1.unity3d?BRDM2.prefab" with that question mark that I don't really understand. I feel like I'm asking for a lot in terms of help, but regardless any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!
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