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  1. Thank you StallionsDen for continuing the awesome work. The mods are A19 core, does this mean that A19.0-A19.6 "should be combatable? -Z
  2. Hi StallionsDen running your mod on 19 alpha b180 and noticed while the mods work but there is no icon for any of the additional "addons" Running my own dedicated server. mod list I'm running: 30K item stacks Scomar82_A19-HUD smelter_mod Zombieanpassungen All Valmars mods except trees mod is this due to the mods not ready for B180 or is there something I need to add to my dedicated server. Troubleshooting: Removed all non Valmars mods tried each mod separately. rebuilt the server to newest build. Seems that only the added items have no icon in game "blank box with a number of the items" the survivor notes work as in when clicking on recipes it will say 12/30 for recipes needed. For now we are scrapping the duplicate items like needle and thread but are trying to figure out the ammo and other items. Any insight would be appreciated. -Z
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