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  1. I'm curious why you believe that. Do you guys want to be like EA? Release games that are visually pretty, but fundamentally garbage? If so please reconsider because almost nothing that AAA publishers @%$# out is worth the time, let alone money, to play. This is just like, my opinion man, but the things that are holding you back are: The lack of variety as well as the hard tiering of weapons and armor. For example the sniper rifle is strictly better than the marksman rifle, and there are only 3 rifles total. Bugs, especially the gamebreaking ones like vehicle duping,
  2. I restored all the .bak files under my Saves folder and still no dice. Thanks for helping though.
  3. I tried that with main.ttw.bak. Are there any other files I should be restoring?
  4. I am self hosting a dedicated server for myself and my friends. Last night I suffered a power outage, and now the server will not start. It errors out on: EndOfStreamException: Attempted to read past the end of the stream. Here's a Pastebin link of the full server log GenerationInfo.txt World Name: Juyiha Mountains Original Seed: Nya! Biome Weight (Snow): 1 Biome Weight (Pine): 2 Biome Weight (Burnt): 1 Biome Weight (Desert): 1 Biome Weight (Wasteland): 1 Data Export Time: 4 minutes 24 seconds Total Generation Time: 23 minutes 48 seconds
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