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  1. I'm curious why you believe that. Do you guys want to be like EA? Release games that are visually pretty, but fundamentally garbage? If so please reconsider because almost nothing that AAA publishers @%$# out is worth the time, let alone money, to play. This is just like, my opinion man, but the things that are holding you back are: The lack of variety as well as the hard tiering of weapons and armor. For example the sniper rifle is strictly better than the marksman rifle, and there are only 3 rifles total. Bugs, especially the gamebreaking ones like vehicle duping, item loss in vehicles, vehicle loss, crippling FPS hitching during weapon fire, zombies' attacks clipping through walls, jerky zombie movement (the micro rubberbanding not the pathing that attempts to juke the player, that's cool), the game deciding that you don't have a bedroll or that your bedroll is actually someone else's, etc. Things that perhaps aren't bugs, but are super irritating like the almost random autosort order, inconsistent reload and draw with bows, camera position not staying the same when exiting a vehicle so you are always disoriented, inability to consistently pick up a thrown spear, respawning "near your bed" can place you on the roof of a nearby POI (like a Shamway), the cancerous amount of I-beam debris in the wasteland making the 4x4 unusable there, gaining zero exp from cooking food or from zombies dying to traps/bleeding/fire. Lack of special zombies. Only the demo, and to a lesser extent the vultures, present a threat. Everything else is a bullet sponge to one degree or another. Game progression, especially loot not being better in harder POIs and harder biomes. I understand you're working on this one, so this may not be valid for long. Low worth/Worthless game content like stealth, gillie suits, knives, spears, batons, buried treasure perks, etc. Terrible FPS, especially during BMs, even with the graphics turned way down. My PC isn't a potato, but I never saw my frames break 30 on a BM after night 14. Lack of features common in other FPS games such as different mouse sensitivity settings for different zoom levels, autorun, configs stored in a universal and portable .ini/.cfg file instead of the damn windows registry (really guys?), and changeable crosshairs. Not enough "knobs and dials" to customize the game without mods. For example you can't turn off the death penalty, nor can you remove the noobie weather protection. There are a LOT of settings that should be configurable when creating a new world that aren't there. These are the things keeping you from greatness, not how pretty your models are.
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