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  1. This is kind of what I meant with the post. How does TFP see you using the tree. I like the perks of the skills. I just believe they need tighten up a little. Your post is a good example. I went all Intellect tree. It was entirely over powered. The junk turrets early game speed quests up tremendously. Then the Better Bartering and The Daring Adventurer were very OP. Horde nights became a walk through quick. I have been playing this game for a long time. I have been watching Kage848 for about 5 years lol. I love the game. I think it has come a very long way. I just do not like using Traders to make up for skills I can get with a touch up of the trees. The traders too me have been very overpowered. They hand out all the rewards you can handle let alone buy. Every Youtuber playing 7DTD visit 3 sometimes 4 traders a day. The game was definitely harder with out them. I usually follow the books when I play. I think the books with mods are devastating. I may get three archery books early game. That is the route I go. Then I follow up with mods and skill tree. I am not putting the game down in any way. LOVE IT. I just wanted opinions and perspectives on how other people were handling their skill trees. This is good stuff so far.
  2. Thanks for the thoughts! I think a small revamp may need to be looked at.
  3. I was wondering ideas on the skill trees. How exactly do you think the Fun Pimps wanted it to be used. You have to travel far down most skill trees to get a skill you want. I think the system is some what too spread out. I was wondering what a developers thoughts were behind the skill distribution. I enjoy the skills but paying the price of 7 tree points to unlock one skill in the group is somewhat extreme too me.
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