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  1. Blame#sphereii, winterween took my attention away from DF, for now, we do love the mod! I can try it again see if i can figure things out if you still need me to, sorry i am bad for not replying on forums, i live in 7 days to die.
  2. We can tell you personally, this mod is fun as hell. Plenty of secrets, you will have the challenge of your life solving the story and mystery that this game has in store for you. Runs really well and has a lot of love put into it! jamesandmichelle
  3. I am having issues getting the game to load on my Gportal server. All is great until the game loads and then gets stuck at : {Steamworks.NET} Lobby creation succeeded {Steamworks.NET}Lobby entered. It hangs here forever, any ideas?
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