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  1. Yes, Server world generation and local client world generation will produce entirely different results. The seeds here are were client made seeds and won't be even remotely the same when a server generates them.
  2. You realize that by learning how the MD5 issue happens, you can almost completely avoid it. I have played roughly 1000 hours on console and after learning the tricks never had more than an hour or twos progress lost. NEVER build within a few blocks of an existing POI NEVER build within a few blocks of any existing container restart the game roughly every hour or so backup your cloud save to a thumbdrive(I had to do this for a few different games over the years) after each session
  3. If you go back and read the posts by dcsobral, he goes over some his logic. I am using the code he created to generate my list. For Tiers, that is the total unique(I BELIEVE it's unique, it might be total) POI's which are eligible to be a quest poi of a specific tier, either tier 4 or tier 5. Why is this important? It may not be important for some people ALL, but for others they might not want to do the exact same tier 5 quest 50 times in a row and having more tier 5's helps with some of the boredom. The top7/top15 are answered in this post:
  4. Using the code provided by dancapo(see second thread). I have about 175 seeds so far(and and expect another 60 or so tomorrow), all at 8k size. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B81oC76h1QFWQ4l3hSyO4VJxAuIDjL1FxOqXWenOHB0/edit#gid=1565168305 Note that I do NOT currently have any uploaded images. The best seed by the numbers is ClumsiestAbeles but IMHO, the generated map is less than stellar with very small forest to land area ratio. So far, my personal pick for map is Bad-temperedBench. While it is missing 3 of the top 15 dancapo spoke
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