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  1. Is there a way to prevent POI's from spawning in specific biomes? I don't see the option anymore
  2. How would I go about generating a world with the "natural" biome option enabled and "north south" off without mountains and plateau's generating in the desert and snow parts of the map while keeping small hills and elevation changes on the map?
  3. Please help! I would like a mainly flat map with some hills and very slight elevation here and there but mainly flat with no mountains. I would prefer to have natural generation with just desert, snow, and grassland biomes but I can't achieve these results without there being at least 1 mountain in one of the biomes. The greenland will be mostly flat and then the desert and snow biomes are nothing but mountain, I have tweaked the generation for a couple days and cannot make the map I am looking for. Can anyone give me any ideas on how to generate what i'm looking for or what presets I should u
  4. How would you go about adding zone type unique to factories? I know it's under resources/prefablist.txt but I cannot find that anywhere. I can find prefab list under maps I generate but I don't understand how to edit it.
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