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  1. новое поведение зомби нарушается, зомби бегут мимо персонажа, бьют блоки которые находятся не перед ними, а на блок выше, если препятствие перед ними гораздо легче пройти, они бегут не за персонажем, а к месту последнего шума, в Альфа 18 было лучше с поведением зомби, но это мое мнение
  2. developers add fog as a temporary phenomenon, fog is approaching, an air raid siren sounds where it is not far away, zombies are running around, it would be interesting, but now fog is not an appropriate thing that in half of biomes makes an autogyro without useful then one question is why was the autogyro added if during the flight neither what not to see
  3. I will start from the beginning by lore 2034 in the game only one modern weapon turret the rest of the firearms of the eighties about melee weapons I generally keep quiet since the days of dinosaurs, with such weapons it is easier to add a loincloth or armor made of bones and merchants in the form of primitive people, instead of zombie dinosaurs .Because there are no modern weapons
  4. stamina at the moment is a quiet horror. After hitting a zombie a couple of times, you can't even run away from it until it recovers, so melee weapons become useful without being useful, it's easier to divide stamina into two types of hit and run, then melee weapons will be extremely useful
  5. after a certain stage of the game in 7d2d, there is no longer anything to do the same plant, hospital, and high-rise building there is no variety. There is a lot to add, but progress in this regard is not visible from alpha 17, even the bandits will not help. Everything will be fun until a certain point because there is no content at high levels
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