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  1. maybe some better concrete paints too so that we can make better roads lol
  2. I wish TFP would add a "grass block" that was actually a cube, so you didn't have that horrendous gap between "forest floor" and any type of structural block. Or even just a paint option to make it look like grass would be amazing. It's just terrible when you try to put grass next to a building and there's a huge dip. If there is already a mod free way to do this, and somebody could tell me how, that would be much appreciated. I haven't been able to find away to get around that horrendous gap.
  3. Hey there! This mod looks really cool but I cannot figure out how to start it. The mod is installed correctly, under foods there are a lot of new recipes. However, I can't figure out how to start the quest to get the mod rolling, I cannot not find any sort of new craftable for the instructions/ quest starter or the seed box. any help? if you could tell me where it is, maybe I just missed it
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