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  1. I figured it out. I got to thinking that perhaps that chunk was corrupted but since I'd been playing the world for a while I didn't want to go randomly deleting .7rg files in case I lose my base and the likes so I started searching and came upon this console command "chunkreset <xstart> <zstart> <xend> <zend>". I loaded up my save turned on debug mode and took the coordinates a little away from one corner of where the poi should be and then the opposite, flew far away to the snow biome since it only works for chunks not currently loaded and typed "chunkreset -1590 546 -1675 430". When I came back to the POI it was there and fixed. I had a look at the 2 closest buildings and both were still looted. Now I can finally loot the place, pity I already deleted the trader challenge. Also I confirmed that this is actually docks_02 if anyone's interested. As another side note it was a reply by SylenThunder in another thread where I found the information on the console command.
  2. Thanks for the reply SylenThunder, I tried turning occlusion off but it had no effect sadly.
  3. Hi all When alpha 19.1 was released I started a new survival playthrough in Navezgane and noticed that a building was disappearing as I got closer to it. I ignored it for a while but recently I had a trader quest send me there. As I got closer it disappeared again including the exclamation point to start the quest, the tracker said I was about 15m away but there was nothing around. It's the dock on the west side of the big lake opposite the smaller island in the lake and closest to the South, about 200m North after you cross the bridge. The dock a bit further North is there and working. I'm fairly confidant it's Dock 03 that's the issue (and Dock 02 is similar but the more northern one). Is there a way to fix it without starting again? I've since updated to alpha 19.2 and verified my game files but it hasn't fixed it. I took a screen cap of the poi in my testing world and a few in my play through showing it there, going and gone as I moved closer to it.
  4. Exact same problem here since a19 b163 onwards. I have also tried starting a new world several times but after a while the issue always returns (on 4 different random gen worlds). Quitting the game and going into steam to verify files fixes the immediate issue but after moving on to another POI the issue returns. On my current save I am 14hrs in and when the problem presented itself again just after horde night I decided to experiment. I backed up my save, used the 7dtd launcher to delete all traces of any games, uninstalled 7dtd, rebooted my computer, re-installed the game, regenerated my world and replaced my save. I went back in and everything seemed fine for 30 seconds until I pulled up to the POI I was supposed to clear, it was covered in these ghost blocks. I'm at a loss short of quitting the game and verifing the files only to play for another 15mins until the issue presents itself again. They always seem to be the same texture, those greeny marble looking tiles with a few wood plates here and there exactly like in the image from OP. Can't interact with them or see through them but you can walk straight through them and once through you can see what was on the other side. I'm not opposed to starting a new game but would rather not. Any help on fixing this issue would be appreciated. Also I just checked with the paint brush and the texture is called Grey Marble
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