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  1. i fixed my problem. I toke my world folder(older back up from 2 days ago) from the server and reinstalle the server after that i updated it again to Alpha 19 and put the world folder back on the server and changed the serverconfix that it starts the world again and it worked. I could not try it with the world from today because for some reason i could not make a back up from it.
  2. my server world is on pregen01 and i host the server from host unlimited.
  3. When i try to join my server i get the error: file not found exception C:\Users\Daniel\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\SavesLocal\7BD3E21345720346A138A27586D9B48D\World\Splat3.tga. I delet the folder and the server installed everything again and i get the same error. If there is already a post for that can you link it to me because i did not find one.
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