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    Yes I didn't mention that. In my opinion IF the item you are trying to research has DURABILITY each time the research fails (which can happen) the durability gets lowered potentially breaking if ofc is low enough. I truly hope for it to be added into the game, im usually a base builder i dont get to explore much so crafting / researching instead would really good in general. Thanks for the reply !
  2. I think getting the schematics for certain things is way too hard / luck reliant, thats where research table would come in handy. As an example finding a shotgun but it's level is too low instead of scrapping / selling it you could research it then recraft it afterwards. To balance it out it there should be a **FEE** which scales with quality level, lower level higher FEE, if its made out of steel u need to pay some steel, if its wooden pay some wood, etc... Research table should be a high end item level 4 / 5 advanced engineering. It would be nice if you could research item parts as well ( shotgun parts, steel tool parts, etc...)
  3. I agree, If I spend tons of my skill points on "Boomstick" (shotgun skill) and can only craft lvl 5 when others can just find a level 6 shotty being level 1, not a fan of that.
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