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  1. The same also applies to Electric Fences, Dart Traps, and Blade Traps as well since they all are treated as Electric traps by Advanced Engineering.
  2. Only the owner aka the person that placed them will get XP from them and only if your Advanced Engineering perk is over 3. Now if your in a party that XP should get shared just like all other XP but naturally you would have to be on and in a party with them.
  3. The game kinda already does that as using a silencer automatically lowers your damage unless you have all the Urban Combat books. As for all noise is emitted form the player that also includes any cabinet doors that you shoot off and the sound of any grenades that you throw. Since the game always treats it as if it occurred right at the players exact location including the sound of explosions. For example seeing a car in the distance and unloading your gun into it until it explodes will be treated as if you were standing in the car when it exploded regardless of how far away you were from it. Now as for waking zombies in my experience the way noise works is like a light map. When you makes a noise it is as if you turned on a light of a different brightness for each sound type and said light diminishes for each block it travels while ignoring any blocks in its way. Now Zombies are set to look for certain intensity ranges and when their threshold is exceeded they wake up. In other words say you make a noise and it emits at level ten and reduces by one for every block so that one block out it is a 9. Now lets say zombies are looking for any value over 4 so any zombie with in 7 blocks of you in any direction will wake up. However lets say your in stealth so that same noise now will only emit at level 6 and as a result only zombies 3 blocks from you will wake up. Naturally we do not know the exact values at play and it would make sense for them to vary the numbers a bit by using random numbers with in ranges to add a bit of randomness.
  4. Right now the bloodmoon horde always knows where your at and the quickest easiest path to you. Whether that path is a open line or a weak block on your wall that you forgot to repair they will zero in on it to get to you as quickly as they can. On the plus side I remember seeing some of the devs mussing about adding a way for stealth to be relevant on horde night that wouldn't fully invalidate the event. For example being able to loss some of the zombies to open up the option of sneak attacks on them until they relocate you.
  5. It is still very possible to play sneaky and hide from the horde but what ever or where ever you do so in is going to take a beating. Which if you don't spend the time and resources to repair will eventually fail but may last you a few bloodmoons or not even one. In other words the devs goal is to ensure that your never truly safe at least in the default game. As in the game settings you can easily adjust the game to eliminate most of the danger from the zombies if you so choose.
  6. Lastly zombies now know how to dig and bloodmoon hordes are more then happy to dig to bedrock if given enough time. Basically all the ways to cheese zombies and especially the bloodmoon are getting eliminated to ensure that you either need to kill them or spend a lot on repairing/rearming your base.
  7. Also never ever get on a vehicle of any type during a horde night as you will now have a very terrible time. The moment you get on a vehicle 50% of zombie spawns get replaced with special hypersonic anti vehicle vultures. Which not only fly at 300% speed but are immune to being run over or pushed aside by vehicles and can easily flip a 4x4 like its a toy car. All while inflecting every status effect in the game upon you and ripping you to shreds.
  8. yep and are ninjas on ladders as well but still cannot figure out how to deal with ones missing the bottom two runs.
  9. One thing that you have to realize is that the game is taking a ultra minimalist approach to this due to extreme limitations on performance imposed by the devs. Which is the whole reason the sleeper system exists now and all the other zombie mechanics to ensue that every zombie is purposely spawned in for a encounter with the player. As a result absolutely no zombies exist in POIs until the player crosses into one of the cube shaped volumes the designer drew around the room they wanted to create a encounter in. Which at that point the zombies with in will pop into existence and if that volume is set to auto aggro then the second they pop into the world they will not only know where your at but begin attacking you. In other word the system is insanely simple as all it entails is draw a box around the room including the intended path to it. Then add more spawn points to said room then your intending to use of the types that you want (normal, tough, badass) in as hidden of locations as you can. Lastly set the number of spawners to get activated and if they will all be asleep, awake, or lastly auto aggro to the player and almost always it is either asleep or auto aggro as they very rarely use awake. This system requires absolutely no set dressing or any thing to add any from of complexity to it as it is intentionally as simple as possible. At the very most all we can really expect is a audio queue at this point if a mechanic for it exist and if not then I doubt that adding it would be seen as worth the effort to do for them. Since they are not going to go and redesign any bit of the POIs as that will take way to long and is not worth the effort. At the very most all we will see for POIs is minor tweaks to the easiest to cheese ones to make it harder to cheese your way to the loot room.
  10. Fully agree but that last sentence is where the issue begins as that only really works the first few times it happens. However after that it starts going down hill for most players as they cannot possibly be failing this many times. Instead it must be that stealth is bugged or broken, as in most games that is a more logical conclusion then it being intended. Since it is such a sharp 180 on what most people expect to occur and in most other games they tend to make a effort to ease that 180. aka a pause before confrontation, cut scene, scripted event, etc... Now as for the tactic to deal with it via retreat and trying again, it typically runs contrary to a players ever forward drive. Making it feel wrong or uncomfortable especially at first and due to that it is rarely second nature or at the very least unintuitive. Basically the more natural the devs make the mechanic feel the better and in this case a keep it simple approach is best. For example the sound of a zombie falling or tripping, tree branch falling, thunder or wind, etc....... Also for the tactic to retreat to be more obvious via at the very least a loading screen tip or the stealth help page.
  11. Sorry should of been more clear, as what I was going for is a sound after the trap has been sprung to explain the trap. But for it to be a natural sound from a zombie, animal, or natural effect that is not tangible. Which will naturally work best if it uses a random sound every time or at least most of the time. Basically I don't like the idea of using a sound that can be even remotely tied to a block.
  12. I do agree that a simple audio queue would be best here but would have to something outside the player control. For example a zombie sound or other natural sound like thunder which has no possible link to a block or item. If we look at Bloodmoons they have a lot of visual and audio queues that something bad is about to happen. So it would make sense that auto aggro volumes would have a much more scaled down warning.
  13. The thing that your missing Diche_Bach is that zombies literally do not exist with in POIs at all in any from. Instead what happens is when a designer makes the POI they place spawn points into the rooms to make encounters. Then they draw a single box around the room that the spawn points are in and then not only choose how many points will be used but also pick one of 3 modes for the whole box. Which are Sleeper, Awake, and lastly Attack to determine how all the zombies in that room will behave. Now for players nothing at all exists with in that box until they cross into it and at the point the specified number of spawners will activate to fill that room with zombies. Now if the designer did a good job drawing the box it would not be possible for the player to look into it with out triggering it. However in a lot of cases especially when players deviate from the intended path to bust wholes in POIs they can see the mechanic in action. AKA zombies popping into existence
  14. The main issues is that it has to be clear to the player that no matter what they do it will have no impact on the result. Now I do like option 5 and proposed that my self a few times as a special infected alarm system. But the natural challenge of selling a inescapable trap in such a dynamic sandbox game that prides it self on player freedom will always be a tough sell. As players will always insist on a way to bypass it especially if they got burned by it one too many times.
  15. With higher levels for Hidden Strike and Archery the added damage from a sneak attack combined with a good Bow/Crossbow should mitigate that. Which just means the higher your difficulty the more you need to work to get your sneak damage up to mitigate it.
  16. That sounds like normal sleepers as the auto aggro ones instantly know where your at and attack the second they spawn into the world regardless of what you do. It also sounds like your making too much noise too close to them and that is what's waking them up. Make sure your not using a helmet light and it will greatly help to try at night time as it is far harder to wake them then. Also use as many muffed connection mods that you can throw in your armor and armor with the lowest noise rating of the tier you want to use (armor stats can vary even between the same piece). Now as for speed it's normal for stealth to be slower then run/gun as it is a more careful, slow, and methodical way to play with often more skill involved. However when done well it can easily match the over all speed of run/gun but doing so is not easy and tends to be a tortoise vs the hare situation.
  17. That does make me wonder how water towers and collecting water with a bucket to place in your base will work. As at this point I am more then willing to loss those for actually decent water.
  18. Of course since it's the reject dumping ground for the dev diary thread for all of us to have fun in while waiting for A20 news.
  19. I think the way the game works is all noise is emitted from the player no matter where logic would otherwise dictate it's source to be. As for said noise it diminishes for each block it has to travel by a certain amount or percent and zombies are only looking for sound events over a certain threshold. When you sneak it muffles all of your sound based on your sneak modifier that takes light levels and possible other items into account. Naturally with the effect of reducing your sound to hopefully be lower then the zombies threshold to wake. Also different actions produce different amounts of noise and only the actions the devs set to produce noise will do so. As for zombies the game uses rather aggressive limits on zombies in the world. For example none of the zombies in a POI exist until you cross into one of the cube shaped sleeper volumes the level designer setup that activates the spawn points with in it. Which said sleeper volumes are always draw around different rooms or parts of the POI to setup specific encounters based on the whims of the designer.
  20. I bring back my argument that "Stealth is to Agility as Mining is to Strength". Both are resource management systems with Stealth acting to reduce your resource use and Mining acting to supply resources. Now both of them have limits in place and game mechanics designed to control them. For example with Stealth you have auto aggro volumes that completely negates it as well as POI design that increases the difficulty of using it. Which at the same time with Mining you have the threat of a cave in but more importantly the more you mine the greater the heat score of the chunk your in is and that naturally leads to Screamers. Who will zero on the location of what ever heat event triggered their spawn and will try to get to said location to scream about it or upon seeing you. So if you do not stop mining and go deal with the Screamers before they scream a horde upon you your going to have a bad day. Sure the risk of Screamers is arguably a lot less then the risk of running into a room of angry zombies while unprepared but with a bit of for thought and preparations the threats can be minimized. Edit: I think what he actually tested is if you aggro them and run around a corner or out of line of slight then entered stealth they will forget about you. Which then makes it trivial to swing back around to take them out via sneak attacks.
  21. That feeling of being cheated is the whole point of this thread basically.
  22. Unlike Neverwinter Nights the triggers in 7 Days are room wide cubes and the zombies with in do not exist until you cross into said cube. Which triggers them to spawn into the world and if set to auto aggro will instantly zero in on trying to kill you. Now said cubes are also almost always bigger then the rooms they are for to insure that no matter how you approach it they will get triggered. In other words if your able to bust through a wall to see the zombies to kill them that is not a auto aggro spawn volume. The truth is that when you look at a house or building it is always completely empty of zombies and instead its sub divided into a series of versus sized cubes. Which each cube covers a room and the area around it especially towards the intended path. The moment you enter that cube the zombie spawn points with in spring to life and the allotted zombies spawn in of the type denoted by how that cube is set. If it is set to be asleep sleepers then that is what appears the same as if it is set to awake zombies and auto aggro who will instantly zero in on trying to kill you.
  23. Also the reduction in time it takes zombies to forget you is a life saver.
  24. In other words my argument boils down to this "Stealth is to Agility what Mining is to Strength".
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