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  1. If they cannot path find to you via walking to you they will have no choice but to bring you to them one way or another.
  2. The same happens on servers when anyone joins the server during horde night as the game will spawn them a horde of their own if they are far enough away from a active horde or just add more to the active one.
  3. The standard theme of the game is that no matter what your always at danger and never ever truly safe from the horde. So no matter what you do they will always be able to eventually get you no matter how deep you dig or how high you climb. All you can ever do is delay the inevitable by throwing resources at it but you will always eventually run out. Edit - Basically anything that allows you to avoid the horde with little to no resources is going to get patched out in favor of forcing you to have to either fight them or expend a lot of resources to avoid them. Hence the digging and anti vehicle additions to hordes.
  4. Zombies will always target the shortest valid path to you with the least block hp in the way. So if one way will require doing 15,000 block damage and another will only need 1000 the zombies will pick the lower number every time they can. The same occurs if your walls are all the same with no gaps but you forgot to repair one of the blocks so its hp is lower then the zombies will target that block as it is the path of least resistance for them. Lastly the zombies are aware of support loads and are able to zero in on support pillars or structures to bring you down to them if they cannot find a valid path to you.
  5. Yep that is exactly what I'm saying.
  6. Weight already doesn't matter and in fact never mattered at all as all it cares about is the total number of blocks being supported. Which each block material type has different limits on how many it can support. However said material support limits are meaningless if the block doesn't have a unbroken stack of blocks below it all the way to bedrock and also note that the materials used in said stack are meaningless. In other words when making a upside down L only the top vertical block matters for determining how long the horizontal line of blocks can be.
  7. One thing to take into account is game difficultly only buffs zombie damage output and reduces player damage output but does nothing to zombie HP, armor, and amount of zombies or types. Which means that at Insane level difficulty zombies do 250% damage while players only do 25% of their normal damage. Also note that this damage reduction is also applied to SMG, Shotgun, and Junk turrets as well but not to other traps like Blade, Dart, Spike, and Electric Fences. In other words as you increase game difficulty traps become increasing import and killing zombies your self becomes increasingly less effective. In short at Insane level difficulty a Pistol that does 45 damage will only do 11.25 to zombies but a Dart Trap that does 45 damage will still do the full 45.
  8. Most failed structural Integrity fails are due to the game having limits on block fall checks to avoid overwhelming your processor. As it prefers to do big falls when your not around or far enough away that it can use lower levels of details and generally be less taxing. Also the game has a few fun exploitable bugs with structural Integrity such as the well known phantom door bug. Where a ghost of destroyed doors can remain and provide structural Integrity to blocks above where it was until the block under the now gone door is removed. Which naturally can be abused for magic floating bases the defile logic.
  9. Considering that Clubs are already the strongest melee weapon by far thanks to the over powered Batterer up book series completion perk Home Run that refills stamina on power attack kills. I strongly doubt that this is any where near a good idea for them but Sledge Hammers are in need of some dev love. Since they don't have a book series dedicated to them yet and a ballistic propelled sledge mod could be the reward for all the books.
  10. The game doesn't care what blocks are below beyond if blocks exist or not all the way to bedrock or not as those blocks have infinite structural Integrity regardless of what they are made of. Instead all that really matters is how many blocks are attached with out said infinite structural Integrity and what is the limit for the nearest most directly attached block with it. In other words the only blocks in a base that really matter are the ones the floor/roof connect to on the walls and that the walls continue all the way to bedrock. 1] Do I have blocks all the way to bedrock (yes or no): (if yes stop but if no go to question 2) 2] Did any block next to me but not above or below answer yes to first question: (if Yes go to question 3 if no go to 4) 3] What is the max support value of the block from question 2: (set value to my own minus 1 and go to question 5) 4] What is the highest value that is not above or below me: (set value to my own minus 1 and go to question 5) 5] How many blocks are there above or below me: (minus number from my value and go to question 6) 6] Is my value at 0: (Trigger fall and minus 1 from all connected blocks) That is the basic logic of it.
  11. Bloodmoons have a max total of zombies for the night based on your game stage that cannot be changed by the player. All that you can change is how many will be in each wave but once the total is reached the bloodmoon is over. So increasing the wave sizes may actually make the bloodmoon shorter if your able to quickly kill all of the zombies in the waves. Edit for example if your game stage says 100 zombies will attack at default you will get 12.5 waves of 8 zombies. But if set to the max of 64 it will only be one and under a half waves.
  12. A stronger block that you can both clearly see and shoot through but zombies cannot pass though is naturally incredibly powerful. So I see exactly where he is coming from with not wanting stronger bars and support that view point. In their place we have poles that can be used but zombies can get through them and stacking them to block that also blocks more of your vision. Also poles do nothing to block melee unlike bars that would block it. Now there is a bug currently in the game with horizontal poles and some other small block shapes that can trigger zombies anti stuck code. Which causes zombies to deal 6x damage if they believe that they are stuck with in geometry that can occur if the zombies hit box crosses into the blocks hit box. But this is very rare and very inconsistent even with the same exact pole and zombie as it depends on where exactly the zombie is at, block location/rotation, hit angle, zombie reach, player location/angle, and many other variables to cause the interaction.
  13. The top option for opt out of betas will always be the current stable branch. As for the list below it only lists the last stable build and will never list the current one.
  14. Just grab a Stun Baton of any quality and as long as you have Tech Junkies 6 (1in4 normal, 1in2 power attack to charge) you can take her out easy naked. I've soloed 2 zombie bears at the same time easy with nothing but a quality 2 Stun Baton and that book. Basically Tech Junkies 6 makes the Stun Baton overpowered as it is trivial to not only stun lock anything but also melt them with the electric damage over time. Sure time to kill is not as good as a Club but it more than makes up for it with the stun lock.
  15. In the desert all coal is replaced with oil shale as part of world gen so the only way to get coal is to find it at POIs or buy it. Which you can find it at quite a few POIs like the a for mentioned coal mine, factories, and the metal works has some but even better is chopping up burnt homes as you get wood and coal from burnt wood blocks.
  16. The trick is if they auto aggro is to break line of sight, re enter stealth, wait for the forget me timer to hit zero while staying out of line of sight. Now the higher your From the Shadows is the quicker the forget me timer will be and to make things way easier after you break line of sight you can toss a rock to distract the zombies to where it landed. This trick is very easy to use and normally you only need to retreat one or two rooms at most but with the rock tossing trick its possible to avoid retreating as long as you have a way to break line of sight handy. Edit- Once you pull the trick off the zombies will forget about you and become normal awake zombies who will wonder back to their spawn location. From there it is a simple task to circle back around to sneak attack them while being mindful that they are awake and easier to aggro then sleepers but the same trick can be repeated to deal with them.
  17. Only other source would be chopping up burnt wood blocks from burnt out POIs and fire place ash piles to get coal from POIs. As he said the devs replaced the coal ore gen with oil shale and the POI he mentioned is a coal mine.
  18. Robotic sledges are only really effective at choke points and when zombies have to slow down to jump or stop to beat on a door/bar/wall. As a result the ideal way to use them is at the top of a block stair way so the zeds have to jump up each block only for the sledge to knock them to the bottom to repeat the process. However just make sure the sledge always hits the zeds from the right and never front left to minimize the chance of setting off Demos. As any time the sledge hits a Demo from the front left it has a very high chance of triggering them but said chance is vastly reduced from just about all other angels.
  19. The chickens wondering around everywhere want a word with you......
  20. I think what is going to happen is they will tone down the vulture spawn but will have their vomit melt vehicles by causing a ton of critical status effects to disable them. Similar to how their melee attacks cause a ton of status effects on players. So If you try to run from the horde on a vehicle as long as you dodge their vomit your going to be mostly fine.
  21. I admit that I over dramatized it but that is the general gist of it. As every second your not doing something you might as well not be playing.
  22. Unfortunately a large amount of players believe that if they cannot just hold the mouse button down while looking at rock and endless mine its simply unplayable. Hence all the players moaning about every second they aren't mining as if it's the end of the world. Aka how dare the game interrupt my quest for perfect efficiency as every second must be life or death. Which is why we get so many people complaining about stamina use and going crazy for getting the Auger ASAP.
  23. The devs did indicate that they may tone down the anti vehicle vultures once the vehicle critical system is in place. So instead of getting swarmed with murder birds your vehicle will just magically break down. They also indicated that in the future the Auger will drain stamina and simply be a faster pick/shovel that burns fuel with no other benefit.
  24. I like the anti vehicle vultures as they make it easier to cheese the horde. Just build a box with a bunch of traps on its roof and a hallow room with a bike in it. If the horde is too much just hop on the bike and 50 percent of the zombie spawns will be converted to vultures that will quickly die to your roof traps as long as your on the bike regardless of if your moving or not.
  25. Dart traps are very powerful especially at higher game difficulty levels as their damage doesn't scale. Since the higher your game difficulty the more the game lowers your damage output while buffing the zombies damage but their health stays the same. Which actually results in Dart traps being worse then shooting the zeds at default difficulty but at max difficulty are far superior than attacking them yourself. Note that the same most likely applies to Blade Traps and Electric Fences but does not apply to Turrets at all since bullet damage gets scaled lower the higher your game stage is. Now the down side is that Dart Traps are very and I mean VERY iron hungry so expect to be mining a lot to keep them topped off with darts.
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