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  1. Since they are moving to special infected zombies a better idea might be for a special alarm zombie. Which would be designed to not only look like they would defiantly notice you but would also make a lot a noise even if silently killed. That way players will have a tangible reason for the auto wake/aggro sleeper volumes and something to take their rage out on. As I'm sure everyone here has dismembered a Screamer at some point to vent some anger over the horde she summoned.
  2. Are you on "None - Opt out of all beta programs" as that is the only way to get a19.1 for everyone.
  3. Okay your talking about where it says "Alpha10.0 - Alpha 19.0 Stable" no one should be on that as the default is "None - Opt out of all beta programs" for everyone unless they manually changed it. Which anyone that has the default set will automatically get a19.1 as a normal steam update to the game with out ever needing to do anything. In other words the only point to ever set that to anything but "None - Opt out of all beta programs" is to opt into a beta by picking "Latest Experimental - Unstable" or pick a specific version to tell steam that you never want a automatic update.
  4. The last experimental patch that was released and a19.1 are literally the same exact thing. So it should not matter at all if your on None or Latest Experimental.
  5. So far it looks to be some of this stuff based on all the hints and posts from the devs. 1.) Trader re-balance to reflect game stage 2.) Pipe Guns for all 3.) Better Doors 4.) Junk Drone 5.) T1 melee weapon for Intellect 6.) Vehicle mods (add a turret to jeep, etc) 7.) Vehicle crits (maybe flat tires, over heating, bad starter, or other performance limiting issues that must be fixed) 8.) Poi and biome game stage loot bonuses based on tier. 9.) Increased difficulty in high tier areas to go with 8 10.) Normal performance/graphical enhancements (Might be updated to a newer Unity version) However with all things it is up to the devs and how long they give them selves before their targeted release date.
  6. Personally I would love if zombies learned to close doors/hatches that were in their way. As that seams like the more logical approach instead of being able to walk through open doors/hatches. Which may be viable by making them physics objects so that doors and hatches can be pushed closed. However that comes with a whole new can of worms. I am very curious about the extent of the new doors and what is possible with them. As redoing them really opens the door on a lot of possibilities.
  7. In other words it is entirely possible to kill every zombie in a POI while stealth with a pure Strength build using a shotgun doing nothing but sneak attacks all with out putting a single point into Agility or its sub perks. Grant it doing so would be a lot easier with a few points into Hidden Strike and From the Shadows but both are not required for it. Which is the point Roland is trying to make as the game is designed so that everyone can do everything just not as well as those that perked into it.
  8. Another trick is throwing rocks while out of a aggro zombies line of slight while sneaking and the zombie will go to where the rock landed instead of where it last saw you.
  9. Strength excels at taking damage and dissing it out in close quarters combat. Agility excels at avoiding damage and dissing out more tactical damage. Where Strength rushes in loud and proud. Agility instead sneaks in to silently kill targets of opportunity and when that fails, falls back on inflecting bleed while tactically retreating using Parkour, quick attacks, and fast reloads while running. The basic difference is Strength tends to require more time and resources to get going as well as to sustain it self. Where Agility focuses on being as cheap and quick to use as possible. Sure once Strength gets going it can be faster and easier to use but Agility is quicker to get going and easier to use for longer.
  10. Just 2 minutes of Googleing turned up many kits for it. So it's definitely a real thing that you can either buy a kit for from a surprising large amount of sites or Macgyver your own with some common parts.
  11. I think what they are going for is to make guns common but ammo for said guns less common to limit their use. Similar to what happened with Power Armor in Fallout 4 and 76 where they give you the armor left and right but what you need to power/use it was rare to prevent you from always using it until you advanced far enough to over come the rarity. Also note that in A19 the Traders and their quests are not tied to Game Stage. Which A20 will fix that by limiting Trader inventory and quest rewards to at most slightly better then what you can find in random POI loot. So getting nearly a full stack of ammo for doing a simple task will be a thing of the past.
  12. As Meganoth said in A20 it's already been confirmed that the Blunderbuss and its ammo are going away. In it's place will be a T0 pipe gun for each of the attributes that will use normal ammo. Such as a pipe pistol using 9mm, pipe shotgun using shells, pipe rifle and a pipe machine gun using 7.62, lastly we will hopefully get something for Intellect but that is not confirmed yet. The basic plan is to ensure that from day one everyone will have access to a basic crude gun no matter the build you intend to go with.
  13. Anything that you can easily bulk craft is going to all be the same but as it gets harder to craft it the wilder the random stats get. Especially if the item needs parts to make as the devs want to ensure that you always have a reason to collect them. Basically they are adding artificial gamey mechanics to pad out the end game grind to keep people playing for longer.
  14. Item stats are random in set ranges with a good bit of overlap between quality grades and tiers. As it encourages you to always be looking and shopping around for a better tool even with a quality 6 steal tool. Which is something that is often over looked with people being quick to replace gear for higher quality ones and scraping/selling/droping everything else with out giving their stats a single look. Since they assume that all quality X tools are the same and always better then anything with a lower quality.
  15. Fully agree that Intellect needs a good two or three more weapons in its arsenal to fully round it out compared to the rest of the attributes. Which hopefully the Junk Drone will help quite a lot on that front but in addition we need a T0 melee and another ranged weapon option. As for the T0 melee I love the idea of a Shock Baton that works like the Stun Baton but with no shock/stun duration to just give a short jolt of power every few hits. While keeping the Stun Baton the same with its much longer shock duration to stun the target. Now for ranged I would love a iron dart air gun that works like a hand held dart trap. Now to get back to meleeing Zombie Bears while naked in the rain with my Stun Baton.
  16. The damage stat on the bow shows the damage for the arrow that is loaded into it plus the bows damage bonus. So it is 25 damage total and sneak attacks are around 87damage. If you slot in a iron arrow that number will go up to reflect the added damage that they do.
  17. I know the devs have complained quite a few times about walls of text as they prefer posts to be as quick and easy to read as possible. Since more often then not they are in a hurry or taking a quick break and just skim the thread for things relevant to them. In other words big posts with multiple points and walls of text is the easiest way for it to get ignored.
  18. Both the Cheerleader and the Football player are getting removed in A20 as been mentioned by the devs in this very thread many pages ago.
  19. Here is what Boe aka Infected Survior looked like before his HD rework: https://7daystodie.gamepedia.com/Infected_Survivor As for the HD rework it is just a far more decomposed and decayed version of him. As for strong females the Big Fat Mama zombie has more HP and hits harder then even the Army zombie.
  20. Dieing while on a quest auto fails it as one of the conditions is always to not die. So your going to need to cancel the quest and get a new one or try relogging as that can sometimes fix it.
  21. We just prefer to not take the game we play for fun too seriously as too much of that can distract from the fun. As for your point the devs already indicated that with A20 they are reworking zombies quite heavily. As any zombie that has yet to get a HD reworking is getting removed completely or replaced with a new special infected version. Which the devs are not ready to go into much detail about as plans are not finalized yet and to leave some surprise. However we do know that the Screamer is getting replaced with a far nastier looking HD version and the fat hawaiian zombie is becoming the special infected Gasser. Now as for the current game we already have black and strong females that been pointed out to you but you refuse to accept that. As zombie Boe is black and the fat female zombie is stronger then more than half of the male zombies.
  22. Don't forget your Burning Shaft.......
  23. That should hopefully be addressed with A20 as they are redoing a lot of the zombies and adding in more special ones.
  24. The classic murder hobo play style then 😛
  25. The end plan of the game is to have 2 factions that you can join that are at war with each other. The first is the White River Trading Company which all the current traders are part of and will act as the good guys for the most part. Now the second is the Duke's Gang/Bandits who are the main power that controls the region and are the bad guys. The basic plot is that you owe the Duke a massive amount of dukes that you lost in his casino and got dumped in the middle of no where to either die or earn your way to repaying him. However the White River Trading co. finds you and offers you the chance to join them and fight back against the Duke. Alternatively you can choose to turn them down and side with the Duke to try an earn your keep and repay your debt. Either way you will be at war with one of the factions which will be trying to kill you with raiders.
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