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  1. With higher levels for Hidden Strike and Archery the added damage from a sneak attack combined with a good Bow/Crossbow should mitigate that. Which just means the higher your difficulty the more you need to work to get your sneak damage up to mitigate it.
  2. That sounds like normal sleepers as the auto aggro ones instantly know where your at and attack the second they spawn into the world regardless of what you do. It also sounds like your making too much noise too close to them and that is what's waking them up. Make sure your not using a helmet light and it will greatly help to try at night time as it is far harder to wake them then. Also use as many muffed connection mods that you can throw in your armor and armor with the lowest noise rating of the tier you want to use (armor stats can vary even between the same piece). Now as for speed it's normal for stealth to be slower then run/gun as it is a more careful, slow, and methodical way to play with often more skill involved. However when done well it can easily match the over all speed of run/gun but doing so is not easy and tends to be a tortoise vs the hare situation.
  3. Of course since it's the reject dumping ground for the dev diary thread for all of us to have fun in while waiting for A20 news.
  4. I think the way the game works is all noise is emitted from the player no matter where logic would otherwise dictate it's source to be. As for said noise it diminishes for each block it has to travel by a certain amount or percent and zombies are only looking for sound events over a certain threshold. When you sneak it muffles all of your sound based on your sneak modifier that takes light levels and possible other items into account. Naturally with the effect of reducing your sound to hopefully be lower then the zombies threshold to wake. Also different actions produce different amounts of noise and only the actions the devs set to produce noise will do so. As for zombies the game uses rather aggressive limits on zombies in the world. For example none of the zombies in a POI exist until you cross into one of the cube shaped sleeper volumes the level designer setup that activates the spawn points with in it. Which said sleeper volumes are always draw around different rooms or parts of the POI to setup specific encounters based on the whims of the designer.
  5. I bring back my argument that "Stealth is to Agility as Mining is to Strength". Both are resource management systems with Stealth acting to reduce your resource use and Mining acting to supply resources. Now both of them have limits in place and game mechanics designed to control them. For example with Stealth you have auto aggro volumes that completely negates it as well as POI design that increases the difficulty of using it. Which at the same time with Mining you have the threat of a cave in but more importantly the more you mine the greater the heat score of the chunk your in is and that naturally leads to Screamers. Who will zero on the location of what ever heat event triggered their spawn and will try to get to said location to scream about it or upon seeing you. So if you do not stop mining and go deal with the Screamers before they scream a horde upon you your going to have a bad day. Sure the risk of Screamers is arguably a lot less then the risk of running into a room of angry zombies while unprepared but with a bit of for thought and preparations the threats can be minimized. Edit: I think what he actually tested is if you aggro them and run around a corner or out of line of slight then entered stealth they will forget about you. Which then makes it trivial to swing back around to take them out via sneak attacks.
  6. That feeling of being cheated is the whole point of this thread basically.
  7. Unlike Neverwinter Nights the triggers in 7 Days are room wide cubes and the zombies with in do not exist until you cross into said cube. Which triggers them to spawn into the world and if set to auto aggro will instantly zero in on trying to kill you. Now said cubes are also almost always bigger then the rooms they are for to insure that no matter how you approach it they will get triggered. In other words if your able to bust through a wall to see the zombies to kill them that is not a auto aggro spawn volume. The truth is that when you look at a house or building it is always completely empty of zombies and instead its sub divided into a series of versus sized cubes. Which each cube covers a room and the area around it especially towards the intended path. The moment you enter that cube the zombie spawn points with in spring to life and the allotted zombies spawn in of the type denoted by how that cube is set. If it is set to be asleep sleepers then that is what appears the same as if it is set to awake zombies and auto aggro who will instantly zero in on trying to kill you.
  8. Also the reduction in time it takes zombies to forget you is a life saver.
  9. In other words my argument boils down to this "Stealth is to Agility what Mining is to Strength".
  10. To me that just means different styles of run and gun mixed with different styles of base building with varying degrees of tactics. Basically I over simplified it by lumping everything but stealth into one category.
  11. All this date really proves the devs stance that this is not a stealth game and was never designed or intended to be. Instead its a run and gun zombie survival game to its very core with base building and defense thrown in. Which begs the question of why include stealth in the first place as a option when that it's clearly not the point of the game. Well in all honestly from all I've seen on the subject and the perks, mechanics, and game design its clear that stealth only exist to help enable run and gun. In other words the whole point of stealth is to reduce the resource requirements and danger of sustaining the core run and gun play style. While insuring that it will never over shadow or be able to challenge said core play style. Basically stealth allows you to raid POI's while using resources that are mostly not needed by run and gun in large number if cases. All the while also reducing the number of dangerous encounters where run and gun resources are needed. Which then allows you to better build up resources to allow you to use run and gun. Now I know what you are about to say for example that with mining it is trivial to sustain run and gun. Well what of the people who hate mining and would struggle with out its near limitless resources especially when the traders are so heavily rng based. Well those situations is where stealth shines the brightest as a alternative to mining and dealing with trader rng.
  12. The main misconception with this is that people do not know that there are three different types of sleeper volumes. 1) Asleep sleepers - They are the ones that will not wake up unless damaged or they detect noise over a set threshold. In other words they will ignore that your standing right in front of them until a strong enough noise event goes off with in range of them or they get damaged. They are also the vastly most common sleeper type in all tiers and what most players expect to find. 2) Awake sleepers - They are just the same as normal zombies and just as aware but set to not wander from their spawn point. Which allows them to be better able to detect the player as they have both sight and sound to work with. As a result it is a lot harder to stealth around them especially during the day and if one sees you than it is a good chance that his friends will be alerted too. They are also rather rare to run into as they are most often used in choke points or traps and commonly mistaken for the next group of sleepers. 3) Auto Aggro Sleeps - Theses will auto lock onto the player upon entering their spawn volume regardless of what the player does. However if the player is able to evade them and escape out of line of slight they can restealth to reset the zombies into plain Awake ones. Now as for how common they are the truth is that they are extremely rare and in almost all cases only exist at or very near to a POIs loot room. The vast majority of times players think that they ran into hopeless to avoid sleepers they are in fact running into the second group. Which are possible to use stealth on but at a much higher difficulty then the first group that tend to lull people into a false sense of security. As for the third group unless your near the end of the poi where the devs want to create a boss fight or ambush your not going to be running into them. Grant it there are a few rare exceptions like the a fore mentioned Firestation that is bugged with all sleeper volumes being auto aggro.
  13. Stealth is fine currently, sure you cannot use it everywhere but that is not the point of it in this game. Instead it is simply a tool that can be used to significantly reduce your ammo usage and damage received. Which has the trade off of taking a bit longer and putting you at risk of ambushes. However when used correctly to supplement your play style instead of dominating it, stealth can have a massive impact on your sustainability and survivability.
  14. The very first computer bug that ever occurred was a moth that flew into one of the early computers and shorted out a circuit to produce a error.
  15. Nope a Agility Intellect build aka the worst combo to deal with tougher POIs. However my Stun Baton does go brrrrrrr 🌩️🤪
  16. So for added fun change all the 0s and 1s to 2 so that every sleeper volume is auto aggro.
  17. Looks like you were about level 10 then and since iron age loot doesn't start to appear until game stage 11+, your game stage should be high enough for it. As game stage is days lived plus the level your at. However in my experience most of the good iron age loot doesn't really appear until game stage is 20 to 30+ out side the rare chance for it.
  18. Why bother preparing to be curb stumped into a corner if it is something that you can always avoid by being observant or doing a low effort trick? That is boring as you take away most of the danger of the game. As its much better if your always at risk of it happening and have incentive to prepare the tools, tactics, and perks to mitigate it when it happens. Note by low effort trick I mean things like going around a trigger, disabling it, or busting through a wall to try and out smart the encounter. An example with Agility is that you have Knives that inflect bleed that slows down your attackers a long with Parkour that allows you to jump over even the tallest of zombies. So all you had to do was a few swipes of the blade to get bleed going then jump over the zombies before they could back you fully into said corner or to jump out once backed in. Even better would be to jump the fence or onto the roof to allow cover to get out of line of sight to re-stealth to use Form the Shadows to make them forget you faster so that you can then snipe them for the sneak attack bonus. Not to mention you also have guns such as pistols or with out them a Blunderbuss or 2 as a back up. Now before you cry foul about noise the game already mitigates most of the danger from it. Other fronts are to forgo maxing stealth with muffled padded armor and go for leather or military armor instead to buy yourself more time to escape. As well as borrowing tools from other attributes even if you have no intent on spending any perks on them. For example the Stun Baton is amazing at nullifying threats especially if you get Tech Junky 6 to drastically increase the charge chance. Glass cannon builds where you put all your focus on offense with out anything in defense beyond a hope and a prayer. Which rely on your ability to kill everything before it sees you so you don't need defense are doomed to fail.
  19. Basically how sleepers work is when the level designers create the POI they place spawn points along the intended path to indicate where they want zombies to spawn in. While placing the spawn points they can specify which zombies can spawn at that point and also always try to placing them out of line of sight of the intended path. Now the spawn points on their own will do nothing so to activate them they draw a 3d cube or rectangle shaped volume around them that includes the spawn points for the encounter and a bit of the path to it. Once they do this they can set the total zombies allowed to get activated to determine how may spawn points will be used and if they will auto wake/attack the player or not. Now for the POIs the Zombies with in do not exist until the player crosses into a volume which will then trigger the specified zombies to appear. With the main goal of the system to ensure that as few zombies exist in the world as possible to maximize performance and to minimize the impact on the intended game play. Which naturally the second part of that is not really working out very well as this thread attests to. Edit - The main issues is that the sleeper system when not used right or not working correctly can greatly limit or get in the way of game play. Not only for stealth players but all players as no body wants zombies to magically appear in front them or for areas that appear clear from afar to suddenly be crawling with zombies once you get there.
  20. Its already in the game as the zombies will forget about you if your able to escape and restealth long enough to reset their awareness of you. Which causes them to go back to their spawn point and go back to sleep minus the auto wake. Allowing you to deal with them the same as normal sleepers.
  21. Since they are moving to special infected zombies a better idea might be for a special alarm zombie. Which would be designed to not only look like they would defiantly notice you but would also make a lot a noise even if silently killed. That way players will have a tangible reason for the auto wake/aggro sleeper volumes and something to take their rage out on. As I'm sure everyone here has dismembered a Screamer at some point to vent some anger over the horde she summoned.
  22. Are you on "None - Opt out of all beta programs" as that is the only way to get a19.1 for everyone.
  23. Okay your talking about where it says "Alpha10.0 - Alpha 19.0 Stable" no one should be on that as the default is "None - Opt out of all beta programs" for everyone unless they manually changed it. Which anyone that has the default set will automatically get a19.1 as a normal steam update to the game with out ever needing to do anything. In other words the only point to ever set that to anything but "None - Opt out of all beta programs" is to opt into a beta by picking "Latest Experimental - Unstable" or pick a specific version to tell steam that you never want a automatic update.
  24. The last experimental patch that was released and a19.1 are literally the same exact thing. So it should not matter at all if your on None or Latest Experimental.
  25. So far it looks to be some of this stuff based on all the hints and posts from the devs. 1.) Trader re-balance to reflect game stage 2.) Pipe Guns for all 3.) Better Doors 4.) Junk Drone 5.) T1 melee weapon for Intellect 6.) Vehicle mods (add a turret to jeep, etc) 7.) Vehicle crits (maybe flat tires, over heating, bad starter, or other performance limiting issues that must be fixed) 8.) Poi and biome game stage loot bonuses based on tier. 9.) Increased difficulty in high tier areas to go with 8 10.) Normal performance/graphical enhancements (Might be updated to a newer Unity version) However with all things it is up to the devs and how long they give them selves before their targeted release date.
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