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  1. 9 minutes ago, Weazelsun said:

    @madmole Artistically will the wasteland biome and burnt forest biome get a remodel to make them look more unique? Currently the only difference in terms of model separating them is the ground textures and debris.





    They are getting merged into the same biome in A20 that will be a mix of burning and radiation hazards.


    Now as for the dog model I'm looking forward to them as they are far scarier then what we got now. Also looking forward to what they do to bears and zombie bears along with the other animals.

  2. Right now what your trying to do is impossible as water has no physics beyond source blocks spreading out a few blocks around them. But its not possible to make more source blocks like in other games and source blocks never move. So making flowing water ways or even repairing damage to existing ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceans is nearly impossible. 


    Now in the future this is going to be changed as they are currently redoing the games water system to improve it. Which the current system is nothing more then a very jankey place holder.

  3. 58 minutes ago, Jost Amman said:

    Ok, thanks for the info... I guess it's all in the same bucket.


    Yep, AP ammo's only purpose right now is hitting multiple lined up zombies at once and those behind a single semi-weak block. Other then that your almost always better off with HP ammo for the added damage.

  4. At least AP ammo's other main benefit still works as they still hit multiple zombies if they're lined up if you have the right weapon/perk combo.  But damage wise your better off with HP ammo especially when clearing POIs and while on horde night if you have a kill corridor then AP is best as your shots will hit 2 to 3 zombies at a time.

  5. 2 hours ago, Jenshae said:

    ... and back to our regular scheduled programming before a mod closes down this thread for drama ...

    I can think of one reason Thief mechanics would be challenging to implement. In Thief they have fixed scenes in which, they can simply manually demarcate where you are concealed in shadows and by how much.

    7 Days to Die would have to add up factors and light sources. 
    - Objects of one block or two between player and zombie, player using % of that concealment. (Moving to peak the corner, standing on a quarter block behind a single full block, etc)
    -  Camouflage factors. (Under a tree, in grass, ect)
    - Direction of light sources and where shadows would be, plus recalculating them if a light source is shot with an arrow. (This would be the worst one to figure out, however, I think it would have amazing aesthetic benefits with different depths to shadows.)


    The thing is the devs have officially stated multiple times that this isn't a stealth game nor is it ever going to be as they have no intention of making it one. Instead stealth is nothing more then a tacked on feature to check off the "Does game have Stealth?" check box with just the basic framework to make it mostly work. The same as brawling checks off the "Can you play by punching zombies to death?" check box with a similar degree of effort from the devs to make it mostly work.


    As a result of this it's foolish to expect anything beyond basic minimal effort from the devs with a "Keep it Simple Stupid" or KISS approach. Especially when you consider that multiple times the devs have indicated that their top focus is hitting the Gold status in the game so they can move on to the next game. Which they still have a large chunk of game to do including the most difficult part in the form of NPCs who will literally be a massive game changer. As we are getting enemies with guns who will be far more deadly than anything we have now. Also lets not forget the special infected who will impact the classic run and gun play style the most as combined with NPCs it will be far easier to deal with them via stealth. 


    Now as for stealth in A20 we already know that they may tweak the very rarely used Awake Sleeper Volume to be less destructive and easier for them to use. As a result the zombies will most likely end up awake and wondering their spawn area but not destroying everything in their way. Which will create hyper alert zombies that are harder to predict to spice up stealth. Other then that the realist in me strongly doubts that we will see much more in regards to stealth.


    Personally I still enjoy playing stealth in this game quite a lot but I know and respect the reality that it will never be good enough to forgo the rest of the game to focus completely on.

  6. The game doesn't use scripted events like that and instead all the sleeper volumes are in the from a 3d cube drawn around the spawn location extending towards the intended path to it. While also including quite a bit of the surrounding area to cover some of the unintended paths. The way it works is the second your hit box crosses over any of the cubes 6 sides the zombie spawn points with in will activate. Normally the devs would include a view blocking barrier on the intended path between the spawn volume's edge and the spawn location to hide the pop in. However in your case your bypassing the intended path and those pipes are just above the top of the spawn volume.


    Basically the way zombie spawning works in POI's is that no zombies exist until seconds before you would naturally see them. Otherwise none exist as the devs are ultra aggressive at keeping the total Zombie count as absolutely low as possible by ensuring that none exist that won't get immediately engaged by the player.


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  7. No change to ammo at all in the update with no change expected until A20 at the earliest but may even be after that. As a result HP still does the most damage regardless of target. However AP despite being identical to normal ammo has the bonus of penetrating multiple targets mattering on the gun/perks used.


    In other words against a single target HP is the best but against multiple targets especially if they're lined up in a kill corridor AP is king.

  8. Right now the easiest way to avoid the Bloodmoon horde is to just accept the death by striping naked and running out to die. As once all players die the horde ends and if where you died is far enough from your spawn point all the zombies will despawn as well. Then you have a peaceful red hued night to do what ever you want as no more zombies will spawn outside the sleepers in buildings. 


    Another option is to stack run speed/stamina regen to allow your character to out run the zombies on foot as that is very possible but difficult especially with cops and vultures.


    Edit - As for using any vehicle you can forget about that.

  9. 4 hours ago, Hollowprime said:

    I know this issue exists since A17 so it's a very old "feature". However, does this also explain the 20% extra damage zombie bikers do on vertically placed 50-pillar blocks?


    Its the same exact issue as I mentioned above and was proven in that video, zombies never get a damage bonus against any specific block or orientation. The only thing that is occurring is that their hit box is able to enter the blocks to confuse the game into thinking they are stuck. Which is purely tied to only the exact position of the zombie relative to the block with nothing else mattering.

  10. Its been extrinsically proven that zombie attack bonuses to specific blocks is nothing more then a myth that was never a reality. Which resulted from players misunderstanding a highly inconsistent phenomenon of blocks randomly breaking faster then expected by established in game logic. As it appeared that zombies would randomly get the super power to do 6x damage to what appeared to be certain block shapes. But said phenomenon was near impossible to fully test and prove due to just how inconsistent it was.


    Now what's really going on is that zombies are clipping into the block's hit box with their own hit box during their attack animation. As a result it is fooling the game into thinking that the zombie is trapped in the block and triggers their emergency escape system.  Which gives them a massive 6x damage bonus to free themselves and disappears once no longer detects their hit box entering a blocks. Now the actual block hit box doesn't really matter as its possible to have this occur with all of them including full blocks but it's very rare to occur with those.


    Basically the only thing that triggers the phenomenon is the exact position of the zombie's hit box relative to the blocks in question.


    See this video -


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  11. The way that E to interact is coded it can't handle any variables and will always do the exact same thing. Which makes it impossible to handle any collection bonuses with out redoing the interaction system or using a trick to work around the limitation. For example having more then one of each plant and having the Use command that is more flexible plant the better versions. But this would require you to need to break and replant all your crops when ever you upgrade Living off the Land. Naturally this is even worse then what they are currently using via the flexible Attack command to detect that your targeting a crop and to apply the bonuses of Living off the Land to the action.


    Basically the devs are very limited in what they can do and how to do it by the game engine. Which anything beyond that needs valuable code time that is better used in other places.

  12. As others have said currently at world gen the game creates a second ultra low quality world map that gets displayed for distant terrain/structures. Which currently is not updated by player actions but in the future they are planing on fixing it to a extent. With out this second low quality map anything beyond your render distance would be black void hidden my fake fog like in older versions of the game.

  13. Everything beyond Stone Tier has random stats with in over lapping ranges so a lower tier or quality can have better stats. But naturally higher tier/quality items have a way higher chance at better stats. Mean while as mentioned Stone tier items always have the same stats as they are too easy to bulk craft.


    As a result the player is incentivized to endlessly look for better and better gear even when kitted out with max tier purple gear.

  14. 6 minutes ago, meganoth said:

    I thought the plant already was a block above the ground. So no change.

    It would be like this.


    G = Ground

    A = Air

    ! = Plant

    _ = Tilled soil


    AAA !AAA

    AAA _AAA



    When now it is like that this.


    F =  Farm plot










    Plates are treated like full blocks and the game doesn't have the ability to place blocks in blocks.









  15. 1 hour ago, Liesel Weppen said:

    I don't understand what the problem is.

    The terrain blocks have been changed to be textured according to their terrain. That should have reduced the amount of needed blocks. But there are still snow- and sandblocks. They also give different ressources.


    And why can't you tell the difference between a natural block and a tilled block? Don't the blocks have any kind of meta data?

    And what's the problem if using the hoe on a dirt block just upgrades the block to tilled soil, just like upgrading a wood frame works.


    If you place a snow block in the forest it will look just like a forest block but would still give snow when broken and the same is true with all the other terrain blocks. As none of them have a texture linked to them in any way as that is projected onto them via the map wide master texture that cannot be changed after world generation. In other words the only way for it to work is if the block was deleted and replaced with a new block upon being hoed. Which opens up all the issues with that, as you not only need a ton of safety checks to avoid replacing the wrong block it also creates the issue of how to merge the new block's texture with blocks that don't have a texture.


    Note that the new system doesn't remove all the terrain blocks but it greatly reduces the number of them and way more importantly since none of them have a texture of their own it frees up texture memory for other things.


    Edit - Also note that a large amount of people would never bother to make a farm in natural terrain and instead would dig up some dirt to move it to a near by roof to setup a farm. Which with the old system looked and felt very ugly, unpolished, and very early access. Which is where the farm plots come in as they clean up the experience and make it look/feel polished.



  16. 44 minutes ago, Liesel Weppen said:

    Wait what?

    Change in texture system sounds like it is only a visual aspect, but from the mechanics it would still work?

    Probably that is the reason why e.g. in Darkness Falls still is the old farming system, but you can't see what blockes are tilled, because they look like a normal dirt block?


    That is exactly correct as instead of each terrain block having it's own texture, now they have no texture of their own and a global map wide texture is applied to them. As a result instead of needing a ton of different terrain blocks for each color/material deviation they only need a small hand full. Which greatly saves on texture/block memory at the cost of eliminating the player's ability to change the color/appearance of the terrain. 


    Edit - Now as a result the only way to fully implement the old way is if the hoe deleted then replaced the terrain block with a completely new block. Which wouldn't be able to use the global terrain texture smoothing system to seamlessly blend into the terrain and result in the same gap that non terrain blocks get around them. Also considering the massive can of worms that handing the player a magic stick that can instantly delete/replace blocks would be and all the needed code overhead of wrangling those worms. It naturally makes way more sense to go with a dedicated farming block like the devs ended up doing.


  17. The old farming system relied on the old horribly optimized block based biome shading/texture system that was fully replaced with the new system. Which instead of being block based was area based and made the old way of farming impossible with out a redesign of that system. Now they could of redesigned the system to work like the old way but even then it would be poorly optimized and would have many additional issues with it caused by the major underlying system changes. Especially when it came to moving dirt into bases or onto roofs to cultivate in safety and how convoluted that was. Not to mention being still dependent other core game systems that may need to be changed in the future and force another redesign of the system.


    So instead they went with a far more optimized and user friendly approach of the farm plots. Which contained the whole farming system into it's own independent system to avoid any future conflicts or issues.

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  18. 36 minutes ago, Maharin said:


    If you're really paranoid, you can also use NoScript (but Chrome doesn't really like it, so you may have to change browsers).

    Even better is to buy/setup a Raspberry Pi to act as a PiHoe to filter all DNS traffic on your network and send all requests for known advertisers to a black hole.

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