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  1. Me thinks you are grouping PvP with multiplayer. Tons of people play 7 Days on multiplayer but just with PvE. Look at the number of servers. A very small number are PvP.
  2. You are breaking a cardinal rule Thou shall never complain about the game, only compliment it. You are looking to be banned and attacked by the self appointed Dev Thought Police
  3. Since when did they release a Stable version and stop patching??? There are always a a19.1 .2 .3 .4 What a stable version does is allow many of us to start playing without worrying about a map wipe.
  4. My dream would be a locked down map system so that in the future be it a20 or a30 we can continue to play on the same map without wipes.
  5. It even looks like the last Doctor Who before cancellation.... Jodie Whittaker LOL
  6. As a long time player and builder I just wanted to comment on the number one issue some of us have and this is the inability to lock down the map. Yes I know why it has to happen but eventually you guys will have to just say enough is enough and leave the map elements in place and move on to BETA. Well over a year ago you guys said that the map was locked and nothing new would be added and yet we still have mandatory map wipes. Now before you get all defensive, LOL, let me say that I'm glad you re-opened the map because you've done some great things. I guess, as a builder, it's frustrating to
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