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  1. Yeah seriously, when I first replied to you I didnt even realize you were the author of the mods lol. They help a ton and I really appreciate it. TYVM ~! ❤️
  2. Okay I can happily confirm that these do not interfere with achievements
  3. it Doesnt?????? hooooly crap! I would be SO happy if so! I made another new save last night... a 100% legit vanilla experience in latest experimental. Watched the achievements unlock for once. But My dear gosh the last 2 hrs of my playtime was struggling with backpack size lol. TYVM! Huh I installed 3 of them, 96 backpack, stash icons, and zomb/animal spawning and something seems to have broke the game. After launching it just hangs on the title screen. Edit2: Alright I watched the vid. I was under the impression these were called 'modlets' I guess because they were just/// 'XML edits'
  4. stupid question maybe but do these all disable achievements on steam? I want to play legit as possible but the base game backpack sizes are F'ING CANCER. I don't have any idea why the devs can't see that in a looting game with thousands of items, an inventory with an effective ~12 slots for loot is asinine... :faceplam:
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