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  1. Like completely delete them from the xml? And !----- is a chat command?
  2. Thank you. People keep horde keeping. Crashing the server
  3. Is there way to disable the Banshee?
  4. TWD PvE/PvP Role Play Server, if you are interested check out our discord at http://discord.gg/hzrWEeQCEk and our website https://TWDRP.7d2d.io, provided by ArkServers.io. Roughly 1400 hours have gone into it, custom map, custom poi's, mods and its all to mimic the world of the walking dead. Server Name is: `TWD PvE/PvP RP` Thanks again to ArkServers.io and Hostile Nerdz Gaming for helping us make this possible. (Not Actual Game Play, Just A Promotional Video)
  5. Just as the title reads, I get this error code randomly when playing. Happens with and without mods. Not sure if it pertains to the crawler not swiming or if it's something else. I do have the log file but I put the error in below, if the entire log is needed I can post that as well.
  6. I got it. Ok, so it took a little bit to figure out but it's working. I had to remove everything including mods that weren't A19+ and update all mods that are A19+. The issue was mods, even though on the log it's shows they loaded just fine. Not really sure what that's about but it fixed my issue. I still get alpha errors but thats far in between and I'm sure FP will have that sorted out before to long. To the next person this happens to(Alpha 19 for PC): 1) Go to Steam - Library - Click 7DTD - Click "Play" (A window will pop up asking if you want to play or Show Game Launcher)
  7. Ok, so I have been cracking away at it. I've deleted every file, cleared all data of the game files and mods, uninstalled and reinstalled. Tried without mods, It wouldn't load past the loading screen and didn't see an log on it. So then I tried with a few mods (A19 mods), I managed to make it in game but I was right back to square one with the constant error codes that wouldn't close the console window. I did mange to get a log on that, maybe someone could check it out. I don't know what to make of it. Everything loaded properly until a point, this is what I got. 2020-08-03T19:17:47
  8. What I did was, uninstalled the game, deleted all the files I knew of then re-installed the game. My save game was still there and the settings were still to what I set them at. The game did load with only one error and I was able to close the window. Then I added the mods back in and started doing it again. So I checked my output logs and noticed some failed load attempts on a few mods, I assume this is my issue. I will try a few more things tomorrow and hopefully it fixes the issue.
  9. So I'm having the same issue but I don't think I'm deleting everything. I did try the suggested method by @Beelzybub but that didn't seem to work. I have been messing with it for a few days now and can't get the game to work without a bunch of error codes. I uninstalled the game from steam and deleted the information from the "appdata" folder but the issue is still happening. Would I need to delete the mods I've downloaded, their in a separate folder.
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