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  1. Here some graphs of the system to show resources usage when the crash of the first log file I posted above happened at 4:30AM 18PM is a automated reboot
  2. Hello I self host a little home dedicated server ( Ryzen5 2400G, 16Go DDR4 dual channel, SSD ) on Archlinux. Randomly, the server crash even with one or two players that just mining and not doing evil things. I read another forum post that have the same behavior : The only server management mod I have is CPM, but looking at the Gimli post, he has no CPM. I the log files, the stack trace has three kind of exception but does not help at my side to understand what happen 2020-08-04T04:30:19 36886.745 INF Time: 614.23m FPS: 37.58 Heap: 2858.0MB Max: 3303.7MB Chunks: 19
  3. Hi, I just setup a little Archlinux dedicated server (Ryzen5 2400G, 16Go DDR4 RAM, SSD) and I ran into bad things in-game. Vehicle rollbacks, hard to kill zombies, like you. Si I decided to customize my kernel by increasing the scheduler base frequency ( CONFIG_HZ ) from 300Hz to 1000Hz and everything is really better now. I also got a better performance by setting up the cpu frequency governor from ondemand to performance.
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