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  1. This is for 7 Days To Die ..... Look at the YouTube video i posted and if you like the game then visit www.xtreme-gaming.co.uk for direct connection ( don't use the ip and port i provided in the old posts )
  2. Something like that 😁 , is meant to give players a proper challenge and it doesn't matter if you are a noob or a pro . There is always something to do and survive
  3. Hi guys , i got a hosted server , everything works fine but every bloodmoon night there are not many zombies , even after i set <property name="MaxSpawnedZombies" value="120" /> and <property name="BloodMoonEnemyCount" value="120" /> i got maxim 30 zombies , also if i spawn more than 80 zombies , they will stand still for a while making them a easy target . Have no ideea if is because of the game or is just the hosting
  4. I use logicservers and they are ok , never had issues and support tickets get answered really fast
  5. Is there a way to make the zombies not fly when you hit them with a melee weapon ? It feels like i am playing ping pong with them
  6. New IP and PORT Game server: port 26900
  7. Xtreme Gaming 26950 Server Side Mods (no download required) Custom Zombies Custom Weapons New Player Starter Kit Safe Zone (Lobby) Public Bloodmoon Base Nitrogen Map (8k) with big cityes 42 New Colours For Your Outfit Moded Junk Turret Vehicle Mods 5 New Different Vehicles (craftable) 15 New Different Lights (craftable) Everyone's welcome to play, doesn't matter from where you are we will use translation mode to create a communication bridge. We don't accept racism Our target is to bring a unique experience to all players, and make
  8. Hi there i love that you made these zombies work for alpha 19 , but is there any way to lower the damage they do ? For example both juggernaut and the baby one launches allot of rockets , is there a way to make them launch only 1 rocket ? Also i would like to lower the health because it take ages to kill them :)
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