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  1. I've gone over dust2death's tutorial for probably 3 hours now and keep running into the same issue when trying to place a vehicle into the Alpha 19.178 world. I get no errors of any kind when loading the mod, only when placing it into the world. When I go to drop the vehicle into the world, right as I click to place it a scrolling red "NULL reference error" keeps scrolling until I kill the game. Sometimes I will see my vehicle pop into existence before immediately disappearing. I'm using the latest download of blender, along with the Unity version I saw him using in his video and the latest scripts for prefabbing. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. I'm looking to add a custom vehicle into 7 days to die but couldn't locate any good tutorials online. I did find one in this forum but due to the screen resolution, it's difficult to see the unity layout and they go too fast, and it doesn't look anything like unity layout from XPath or default when I load up the most recent unity version of XPath's unity version, plus it required you edit or mark parts of your mesh which feature isn't part of default unity (looks like you need to add an add-in to do that inside unity). I have an IT background and do programming as a side gig, added some skyrim custom mesh mods on nexus in the past. I think I can understand how to add in a mod but can't find any good modding tutorials for vehicles. I saw a bunch of tutorials for adding blocks, which are basic rigid structures and doesn't have the same tags and physics / rigging etc you'd need to perform for a vehicle. I saw BDubs vehicles and would like to do something similar with just 1 vehicle I have in mind. If you could point me in a good direction or know of some thing I can follow to get it running in game that would be awesome. Thanks.
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