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  1. turns out i wasn't even running alpha19 haha thanks however there still is no preview of the map for me
  2. The only errors i get is when it is about to start running world mapping and it says after ,Warning: prefab list does not contain POIs of type trader, oldwest, highway and highway clutter. I have A19 Vanilla selected for my prefab list, the rest is default. Sorry i didn't mean I put the whole output folder in i mean i am putting the world folder in the "worlds" folder in 7DTD and it is not showing up.
  3. Is there a reason why im not getting a preview image in the preview folder? Also when I put the output folder into my 7DTD worlds folder it does not show up when i go to create a new world. does this have something to do with the A19 being "Experimental"?
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