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  1. Hello guys, I'm playing in a dedicated, vanilla, public server where things always were normal... no issues at all. For some time now (approx. 1 week) whenever I get in to some regions of the map (Nitrogen Created), my character gets very bugged. I cannot interact with chests, containers, anything that is lootable. I cannot open the Trader's inventory, sometimes I fall from the map and return to it after a while. If I'm in a vehicle, I start to hit invisible walls and when I get off the vehicle, it gets teleported to some previous place that I drove over. I can still destroy things, build, manufacture things, etc. It is not a lag issue. I've verified the files in steam a bunch of times. I even have reinstalled the game from scratch. If I get out of the certain parts of the map, 90% of the times the game returns to normality after I logoff and login again. 10% of the times I have to wait for the server to restart. The admin of the server is very friendly and she actually restarted the server a couple of times for me even. But as soon I return to these "cursed areas" of the maps the buggy behavior I described starts again. I appreciate if I can get some tips of what I can do about it (or the admin). Kind Regards and thanks in advance.
  2. Hey All,I've added the guy to the "ally" and "party" list, he accepted and all. But still, he was not able to open my "locked" doors and storage. Of course, I could "unlock" the doors for his use, but then, any player could invade my home. Is there a way for allies to freely use the doors and storage I own, without using passcodes?I heard there is a friend-list where you can add someone, isn't that the same as to add as "ally"?Thanks in Advance
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