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  1. Heyo, great update. Really enjoying it so far, since I couldn’t really play a19 when it came out due to inadequate hardware, which didn’t get fixed until a couple months ago. 


    so something I’ve noticed, and can’t find any answer or info on it is this. 
    Every time I move my mouse to look around or when I move my character, there’s this quick dimming effect taking place, it’s most noticeable when outside. When I stop moving, it brightens back up/ gose back to normal. 
    so when I move my mouse really slowly in a slow scanning of my surroundings motion, that dimming effect becomes a flickering because of the raid switching between moving and stopping. It’s kinda annoying to see that constantly. 
    man’s i don’t really no if that’s normal or something that can be fixed. I hope it can tho, but I haven’t figured it out, so hoping to see if anyone here has any insight to this. 

  2. I don’t think the biological boosts ( the two made from demonic essence) are working at all. I’ve rank 5 for both but  For the accelerated healing, I regenerate no health after being injured by a enemy. And for the gotta go fast, there’s no noticeable increase in running or walking speed. At 50% increase walking speed and 100% increase running speed, those would be very noticeable increases if they were working. 
    can anyone one else confirm or deny? 

    side note, might of been a missed opportunity to name these perks. Demonic healing and speed demon

  3. 6 minutes ago, Terminalcase said:

    That is the cold debuff from weapon mods.   The cryonmod applies that.  It slowly ticks health and maybe does something else?

    Ahh yup I see it now. The past 3 days have been hell at work and I pretty much forgot I had put that mod on my may gun before logging out Monday night. 
    And I’ve never used that mod until now so didn’t know about it. Thanks for the help. Cheers

  4. So i haven’t been able to play the past 3 days due to work, so today I log in to continue my game and I’m on day 64 so I’ve quite a few hours into this game and I haven’t changed anything about it since I started it a few week ago. Playing the random horde mod with no blood moon hordes, just having a great time so for. Well today I encountered something I haven’t seen before. Had a random horde roll in on me. It’s a big horde. All ferals, most are radiated. There’s a behemoth and a demolisher and tough bikers in the mix as well. So nothing out of the ordinary there. The strange thing happened when I shot them. Most of them gained this temporary white Aurora about them. 
    my first though was, oh snap, the zombies are going ultra instinct on me. 
    So I’ve never seen this before  and I haven’t seen it happen form any you tubers that I know of either. So it’s this a thing or do I got some other funky visual going on atm. Which a visual is all that the white looking Aurora seem to be from what I can tell atm. I haven’t seen it causes them to behave any different or anything and there’re still very killable. 


  5. I updated the horde mod and I must say after two week of spider hordes I was not at all as prepared for the actual zombie horde that came at me after the update... the 1st left me shattered and broken and as I tried to crawl my way home to recoup a 2nd horde came barreling around a corner, I stood no chance of survival 

  6. On 7/28/2021 at 9:53 AM, KhaineGB said:

    It was posted in my discord, though I also put it on my google drive.

    I’m call this the arachnophobia mod, cause for a straight week of in game time, it’s just inundated me with wave after wave of spider hordes. 

    Now I actually do like the spiders in the DF mod, so that was never the problem, just figured at some point in that week I would have gotten a horde of zombies at least once. 
    Im gonna continue on with it to see what happens but was wondering if anyone else had that happen to them with that mod

  7. Started up a game but haven’t got very far due to a slight inconvenience the toolbelt is causing me. Currently it’s 2 rows of ten slots, however the top right 5 are basically unusable as I can’t scroll onto them, but then the whole top row gets blocked of from use when I open my inventory. Preferably I’d rather just have one long row at the bottom like usual.  Any help on how to go about this? 

    Also since jawoodle was brought up a bit ago. What’s the name of that ui/toolbelt he’s using in his current DF seires. Seen it before but could never find the name for it. Tho it’s not as nice looking as the sirillion but atleast the toolbelt is only one row

  8. 28 minutes ago, KhaineGB said:

    1 maps use a custom RWG (which is included by default) and include compo pack POI's.

    2 maps use a more vanilla-style RWG and no compo pack POI's. They tend to be lighter on RAM usage because of this.

    Ahh I see now, that’s very important.  Thank you very much. 

    I definitely want to play around with 1 maps :)


  9. Quick question. About to play DF for the first time and as I’m looking though the df map selection, I noticed there’s a 1 and a 2 of them. Is there any notable difference between 1 and 2 I should take into consideration. Tried to find a answer to the else where but had no luck in finding one. 

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