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  1. With a response like that, I know it’s gonna be good. I welcome change. I see it as a challenge. A challenge though practice, trail, and error, I will eventually master. ... and then break and bend it to my will, furthering my dominance as god of the zombie apocalypse. ;3
  2. Perhaps a condor would be more fitting. As it’s basically like an oversized vulture. Also seeing as grace is the queen boss of boars. The condor could be the king boss of vultures
  3. Not an exploit. It’ll eventually get broken and there’s an upkeep to maintain it. It may work well for early game but by later game it won’t hold up for long. Which mm stated is how it should be. So it’s not really op
  4. And I’m sorry you can’t grasp the concept of having multiple game play styles, that arnt your way or the highway. You poor baby. The sheer thought of others playing a open world any other way than the way you dictact it to be, must be absolutely horrifying for you.
  5. You’ve completely missed the point. I’m sorry you failed reading and comprehension. You poor poor boy
  6. Yeah I get what your saying. Balance definitely ain’t easy. And I know first hand how fun stealth play can be at max. If there was a way to make it appeal more to other while still being balance more ppl would see it’s worth to invest a play into it early on. Just not sure exp is a good way to go about it but also I don’t really have any better ideas atm
  7. Or just leave it alone and accept it as a possible play style. Might be hard to believe that not everyone wants to go hard every playthough or even causal for that matter. Sometime ya just wanna have a relaxing stress free night of just breaking and bending the game to your will for a change. Ultimately if TFP feel they need to fix it they will. But I’m sure there will be other ways. There’s always a way
  8. As nice as it would be, I think things like that would also inadvertently create a meta to builds that gain the most exp possible, even if all experience buffs were the same it would just be which is the most effective and efficient build to do so, which some see as kinda already a thing but since exp buffs arnt directly evolved in it, it’s mostly over looked. Tho at the same time there always a kinda meta to thinks, just comes down to how ppl wanna do it their way I reckon.
  9. Tbh I kinda have hard time understanding ppl haveing problems with T5 poi’s. Personally haven’t had any trouble with em my self for a long time now, tho they use to be hard in the beginning when I started ply some years ago. I was a real noob lol. Now it Takes me about a day moving thought at a normal speed. Half a day if I’m going relatively Fast and a day n a half if I’m being slow and Stealthy and looting everything. These are on average Times. Which I found out it’s completely possible to stealth kill every zombie (and vulture) in the shot gun factory tho you do have to completel
  10. Honestly I’m quite fond of those wonky elevation problems that appear in RWG, always fun for me to find some crazy off the wall looking terrain. makes it feel like I’m really in a world that was wrecked by more than just a zombie Apocalypse outbreak. Will be kinda sad to see it get all fixed, but least the world will look a bit nicer I suppose, I’ll just have to find a mod to screw it all up whenever I feel like it.
  11. Y’all realism ppl are funny. Ya cry cause loot respawns are unreal but then cry cause real work strategy and tactics are cheesy but y’all want your guns to 1-2 shot everything. Like do y’all want a good game or a boring game? I can’t tell anymore lmao
  12. Keep fighting the good fight. Taking NP away isn’t gonna fix anything tho. Same results will still be meet.
  13. Ok cool mate you still haven’t really explain to me what it is your talking about. Not showing where to find it so I can see it being done doesn't help either. So at this point can’t say if it’s real cheese or not. Chances are it might be a valid surival strategy that you happen to dislike so you call cheese exploit. Don’t know haven’t seen what the heck your talking about
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