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  1. Oh gotcha, I got it fixed through a post on Reddit and here. ""It turns out I used the wrong prefablist.txt in Nitrogen and to fix it I went into the "Nitrogen files" folder included with Compopack 44 and renamed the prefablist.txt file prefablist_CompoPack_44.txt so that I wouldn't overwrite the prefablist in Nitrogen. I then copied this file to the "Resources" folder in Nitrogen. Finally so that this prefablist would show up in the Prefab List picklist in Nitrogen, I opened the configPrefablists.txt file in Nitrogen and on the line for the custom list I put refablist_CompoPack_44.txt instead
  2. Hey everyone! So I'm having a problem with Nitrogen and traders. Generating a Nitrogen map (with AND without Combo Pack 42) shows "no trader" at the end of the tutorial quests. Teleporting to a "trader" shows a trader joe's but with zombies in and outside of it and no actual trader inside. I'm on the latest alpha, 173. Generating a map via the game's tools generates everything fine.
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