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  1. yup. 8x hovers about a two feet above it. talk about neck weld... 4x displays fine.
  2. That's not a solution. It temporarily removes the blocks but it doesn't solve the problem.
  3. I wish I could eat 20 loaves of cornbread and only gain a day's worth of calories
  4. It's really not. Counter Strike popularized it for multiple generations but it's nothing special. edit never mind about the wrong model. lots of wrong models and errors on these guns. clearly still a work in progress.
  5. And corn bread is calorie dense and filling. 4 food points? Give me a break, game.
  6. Fabulous. Thank you. I'll edit this list as I play Good ones: xcostum_Strip_Mall_Large_shops(by_Hydroponic) Varied buildings add some flavor to the otherwise single structure, single purpose POIs. Maybe a little loot heavy. edit I missed so much loot. Extremely loot heavy. Good concept, but waaaaaay too much loot in that shotgun messiah. xcostum_WaterPark1(by_NAGGcommunity) - Good one. Nice variety, interesting and creative design. xcostum_ModernArtGallery(by_Pille_TopMinder) Nice, big art gallery. It's all very well done, especially the MC Escher section. But it needs an adjustment to either Tier 4 or Tier 5. This is way too big and involved for Tier 3 quests compared to other Tier 3 POIs. xcostum_Lost_Joels(pseudo-trader)(by_DMC) - An overrun Trader outpost full of zombos. Good flavor for the world. Bad POIs xcostum_Nicehouse(by_BigC90210) (glass house from the previous page) . No loot, no zombies which makes Clear missions impossible, hard to navigate because of all the clear glass blocks/invisible walls all over the place. This is just a vanity house someone built, not a point of interest for players to explore and/or plunder. It needs some zombie spawns, at the very least, so Clear and Fetch/Clear missions are possible to complete. xcostum_Bookstore(by_Kayido) - Small crack a book, no lootable bookshelves, no way inside without smashing walls, high HP blocks, or breaking locked reinforced doors. One loot box on the roof, only way up is a ladder behind a high HP door and fence. It lacks the clear, unobstructed points of entry common in newer stock POIs. There's no reason to enter the building. Place a frame, hop over the fence, climb the ladder, open the roof box, then ignore the interior.
  7. Say I'm running through a POI and I like it, or hate it; how do I find out which one it is, so I can mark it down? Is there a console command or some kind of information/debug panel that displays the occupied area? ---edit--- I know I can use the POI teleporter to tour them, but that doesn't help in identifying POIs during actual gameplay. One I can remember off the top of my head that bummed me out was a strange open design house with a lot of clear glass blocks all over the place that made it hard to navigate because I was constantly running into invisible walls, no loot to speak of, wooden blocks painted to look like lootable objects, and no zombie spawns making the Clear quest I was on impossible to complete. I have a dozen or so more near my current base that are overly plentiful with loot, more that would benefit from minor tweaks like unlocking a few of the reinforced doors, others with no clear path into the poi short of smashing high HP walls/doors/fences, and others that just have no purpose like glass house up there. Once I can figure out how to identify them I'll start compiling a list.
  8. It worked in one of the experimental builds, but it's not working in the stable build. Not for me, at least.
  9. Hmm.. it's great having some new POIs, but a lot of these are kinda bland? A bunch I've gone to have either lacked any kind of loot or have been extremely imbalanced with piles upon piles of loot crates in every building, and every single one so far has had reinforced locked doors everywhere. Everything is just completely sealed up and a real chore to explore in stone axe newbie days. That trader building with all 5 traders is pretty loopy.
  10. Yeah. I wish I could play these nitro maps but 16 just aint cutting it anymore.
  11. Naw. I've been losing the first skill point tier of 11 quality items fairly frequently. And they do reappear randomly, if I leave their hotbar slot open. I can't figure it out. I wasn't using the trader as my base. I did a few POIs around it before getting in there for the newbie quest and there were already holes all over it, with zombos inside. The guards aren't there to protect me, of course. But it seems they aren't there to protect themselves or the trader, either. More than a few times I saw zombos bashing on walls right under a line of guards and they didn't do anything, like they have a minimum distance awareness and blind spots underneath them where they just won't spot or shoot zombos. I even cheated in a dozen new guards to test, just lined the walls with them, then spawned in a small amount of zombies and they still got in and tore up the walls. Anyone else have similar reports? Numbers aside, the guards feel so much less effective in this version.
  12. Is something wrong with trader guards? They're barely shooting. Same trader, theoretically same guard placement and wall integrity. I've had at least a dozen zombos break into the trader already, and it's still day time. In the previous version they obliterated anything that came within like 50 yards of the walls. I'm also losing a lot of items when I repair them. They just disappear, and may or may not reappear in the future. I can't figure out what triggers them to reappear. I read older versions had a durability system where they'd lose a tier each time you repaired, 11 to 10, 10 to 9, etc. with 1 being destroyed since there's no zero tier. That can't be it, because it happened with items of all tiers. And, before you ask, no, I am not accidentally scrapping them. I have been extra careful about clicks and button presses after the first few items up and poofed on me.
  13. I do like this mod, but it nearly maxes out my memory and after about 20 minutes of playing, when the memory just completely fills up, I get those ghost blocks all over the world. The only way to fix it is to completely exit and restart the game. rip
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