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  1. Having a lot of warnings when playing on a 16k map with the POIs (compopack 45 latest) installed. a few errors, but everything seems playable. I have attached a small png of the console window in hopes that someone can just shed some light on the issues at hand, if there is something I can do to help alleviate some of these warnings and possible errors. Everything seems all well in the game. Sincerely, Me
  2. Ahoy! So I've generated quite a few maps, with no issues at all, love the map creation, and I am 100% convinced there isn't a better way to do this. I am asking today to find out if I did something wrong recently, I've brought in one of my 16k maps to both the last Alpha build, and the new one that was released today, and the top 5 or 6 layers of dirt are coming up with 10k health. yeah, 10k. Had one of my players tell me about it today while I was at work, and just finally got around to asking about it this evening. I did some good old google searching, and most of the information for the game hasn't been update since A15(ish) on configs and A18 stuff. I run a dedicated server running windows server and 128g of ram. I installed the "extras" per instructions on the site and I have no issues with the prefabs showing up on the map for anyone, so I am almost positive I did that right. I don't see any settings to adjust hardness of certain blocks, but I am a total noob to the back end of 7d2d so far. Please let me know if there is something I can do, check, troubleshoot, etc. If this is a me issue or something I can do to set up the game differently, I'm all ears. I DO know the RWG in the game worked properly (aside from the fact the map sucked) and the default Navezwhatever it's called is set up properly and works fine. It only seems to be a problem with these generated maps. (Which leads me to believe I must have done something wrong somewhere) Sincerely, Me
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