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  1. Is there going to be anything added to make it possible to craft Mechanical Parts? As an alternative for grinding to get a bunch for nuke rounds since 1 nuke uses 100. Thank you for this mod and all the work put into it
  2. The coilshotgun sounds like a great idea. The reason I like the more guns idea is there is more types of ammo then. If I have a base with an ak turret and carry an m4 and m60 I only need 7.62 steel. The idea of needing different types of rounds would seem fun for example the m4 using 5.56. I’m a gun person in general so I thought I would ask. I appreciate the responses and love the mod. Thank you
  3. Thank you for the reply. I can’t imagine how busy you are with this mod so the whole community appreciates it. Do you know of any gun mods that are compatible with DF? I recently tried the war3zuk overhaul and saw there was a wide variety of weapons. I was not sure if that is a mod that could also be played with darkness falls to be able to get all of those weapons. Thank you for all you do
  4. I’ve been playing this mod for about 2 months now, it’s great by the way. Will there be any sort of coil gun turrets or any new guns in general in A19?
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