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  1. Hi. Thanks for replying. I have access to the logs and the server. Its basically another computer next to my main rig. I never posted a log file to a forum before, do I just copy and paste the text? Because I've read the log, even in the log it doesn't specify the duplicate or where. Even after validating. As for matching the local pc to the server. I literally copied my mods folder onto the server folder. The mods I used are server side and doesn't require any other data folders to be rewritten. I also play tested them on my local computer to see if there were any conflicts and all the mods work together in single player. But I do think I get the same duplicate error but it still loads
  2. Before you say read the console log, it might have a name or description of what mod is having an issues. I know. My issue is I am trying to run a dedicated server, off a separate computer, so no server services; and I keep getting a physicalbodies.xml failed, duplicate physics bodies. I looked over the modded and the game xml for physics bodies but I don't know if I should delete just duplicate lines, entire xmls or what. I don't know which is the duplicate and which to get rid of. Every time I try to join my own server, it gives me the never ending error code physicsbodies errors. I know that prefabs could be the culprit, but I join the server just fine with the mods before, now I can't even get into the server. If you need any more clarification or resources please write back.
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