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  1. I play insane difficulty only, 120 min and with no respawn loot option. I prefer hand-to-hand fight and almost do no use firearms, electricity and any gears. I like slow meditative game, looting of buildings, moving from place to place. I like this game. But there are some annoying things in this game. - Screamers. They isn't add compexity in the game, this is just timekiller for me. I have to waste my time for kill screamer and her friends, so I always turn it off in config files. - Not enough options for my style of playing (like savage in the stone age) - the game is designed for shooting
  2. I suppose you should find a door with a round door knob. What about me - I just deleted this condition from config file because I couldn't find that door anyway.
  3. According config files you can get gas tank only with crowbar. Wrench is a disassemble tool. Crowbar is a mechanic tool.
  4. I can't do the Basic Survival quest #13. Please tell me what exactly door I need to pick lock? My pick locks are not working at any doors. (
  5. You're wrong. I never have any problem with the launcher. Just download, choose mod (I play in TS, RH, Starvation) and run. All works fine without problems.
  6. My opinion about this mod. Mod and server are great, really adorable, thank to Jax and others admins and players. But this mod too easy for me. Now I'm at 30th level. My restrictions: I don't use any fire guns or blow weapons (only shotgun or pistol in desperate situations in close combats with ferals), and I prefer bow and crossbow. They are quiet, it's nice. Also I never burrow into the ground. And I don't use a minibike. I built a shelter with three floors - battle floor (concrete + metal trussing), living floor (with all benches), farmer's floor (where I grow aloe for healiing). T
  7. trambalda

    True Survival

    Oh, I missed with topic sorry
  8. trambalda

    True Survival

    Missed with topic, sorry.
  9. I can accept any rules if they have logic and if they add challenge. If rules say scavenge, than I will be a scavenger. In addition, I found this damn Ink pen! Jax, Iron crossbow is being repaired by wood, I think it is not correct.
  10. JaxTeller718, I have some suggestions about mod balance. 1. In quest "Daryl Would Be Proud" we must kill zeds with certain weapons. Sequence is Wooden bow, Iron bow, Crossbow, Iron crossbow, Compound bow, Crossbow repeater. But when I raise Archery I get recipes in a different sequence: Iron bow (15 lvl), Crossbow (30 lvl), Compound bow (45 lvl), Iron crossbow (60 lvl). I think here is a mistake. Recipe with Iron crossbow must be given before recipe with Compound bow. 2. Please increase the probability of finding Ink Pen. I have over 300 Survivor notes but can't find Ink Pen. 3. Maybe let
  11. Hazmat pants and Leather poncho can't scrapping.
  12. I thought the Double Blunderbuss like double-barrel rifle, I mean one shot - two rounds together. But actually this is a rifle with extended clip.
  13. Did you kill zombies and take bones with shiv from their corpses?
  14. Did you do it using wrench? I think only wrench gives leather from couches or sofas.
  15. I found Q-Teddy-bear and Q-Book in cupboard in an ordinary house. But they are often founded in Tree Stumps than in cupboards.
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